Tara H.

UNDER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 1.25
Bust/Chest 1
Ribs 1
Waist 3.75
Abs 2
Hips 2
Right Upper Thigh 1
Left Upper Thigh 1
Right Lower Thigh 1
Left Lower Thigh 0.5
Right Calf 1.25
Left Calf 1.25
Right Upper Arm 0
Left Upper Arm 0.5
Total Inches Lost:  17.5


Essay:  One of my worst fears was coming true. At only 37 I was literally falling apart. Having been 50-100 pounds overweight my entire adult life things had gone from bad to worse. After 8 babies and 7 c-sections I looked permanently 7 months pregnant as I had developed Diastasis Recti and an Incisional Hernia. My knees hurt going up the stairs, I was out of breath after any exertion, my back ached worse after laying down and I avoided seeing myself undressed in the mirror. As a homeschool mom of 8 kids it is dearly important to train my children well in all areas of life. I was physically falling apart and losing hope. What was this going to do to me? To my kids?

Ttapp broke through the clouds of fear last year when I stumbled upon it in a recipe forum. I YouTube binged watching dozens of real people share their before/after/during stories and was sold. I started Ttapp (BWO+ 3 times a week) first trimester with my now 9 month old girl. I was thrilled to unexpectedly start closing the gap THROUGH the pregnancy! And put on 20 rather than 60 pregnancy pounds. Unfortunately, the hernia sutured during my csection re-opened 6 weeks post partum and rapidly quadrupled in size. My morale began plummeting as gravity and time worked against me to pull my insides out onto my lap. There were some things I couldn’t change in my life. But I KNEW from personal experience with Ttapp I could get stronger, slimmer and even close the Diastasis.

The 60 Day Challenge came at the perfect time after January’s enthusiasm was waning. I was doing MORE 3 times a week and nothing was really changing. I think I was just maintaining and very slowly losing inches. My 12 year old daughter and I joined together in our own categories and focused on what we COULD do — BE CONSISTENT.

I saw Charlotte Siems testimony 2 weeks in and just burst into tears. It was like looking at myself in every way…where I AM…and where I could be if I just stayed consistent.

So I went from 3 More workouts a week to 5-6 just to see what would happen. Upped my 6 alfalfas to 9/day and started brusing 4-5 times/week. And 3-4 shoulder rolls throughout the day to relieve tension. Even on Saturdays I’d fit something in like Broom. I’ve never done such a focused, consistent health challenge and was looking forward to results. Halfway through I measured 11 inches lost overall! It was working!

By week 5 I noticed I could SPRING up from sitting rather than gripping something to heave myself up. Week 6 I noticed I naturally wanted to keep ribs up while sitting/driving. It was naturally more comfortable than slouching now! My mood had improved noticeably too — far less temper flares and less melancholy. More even tempered and able to roll with things in my busy, wonderful and often noisy household. Did I mention 6 of the 8 kids are boys ages 4-10? 🙂

Today I took my after pictures and could actually SEE the difference. It is subtle but real. Over 16” gone overall. 3 1/4 over my waist alone (diastasis still closing!) and 2 at the butt level right overtop the fullest part of my hernia. I can see the hernia is bigger despite my medical grade binder worn every waking moment. It’s like a loaf of bread now hanging down over my crotch when it was a grapefruit a few months ago. But I’ve dropped 2 inches across it in 60 days. So something is happening with all those tuck butts! And I keep brushing it trusting that it will pay off in time.

I am SO glad we took photos (awful as they are to see at first) — because they showed the difference I wasn’t seeing day to day. The cellulite in my back of my arms is noticeably reducing at long last! And my skin is looking so much healthier. My face & neck less puffy and blotchy. I AM cinching up and slimming down. I just didn’t really see it until I compared the photos.

Inch-wise I had hoped for more but I am choosing to focus on and celebrate what IS working. My own dear daughter echoed today what I know in my heart to be true: ”Just imagine where you will be after another 60 days! And another! And another!”

I am so grateful to have shared this, my first ever, 60 Day Challenge with my 12 year old daughter. Knowing that she is improving her health and learning simple skills for life just brings tears to my eyes. She and her 7 siblings will inherit skills and strength that I was not able to model or teach before. This is worth more to me than anything. I can’t turn back the clock and do things differently, I can’t close my hernia with my bare hands. But I CAN keep doing these smart, simple workouts woven into my homeschool-mom-with-toddlers and-a-nursing-baby-day. I CAN keep closing the Gap. I CAN keep going until after however many 60 day cycles it takes I look in the mirror and smile because I DID IT.