Tina N.

OVER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 2
Bust/Chest 2
Ribs 1
Waist 1.625
Abs 6
Hips 6
Right Upper Thigh 1.75
Left Upper Thigh 3
Right Lower Thigh 2.75
Left Lower Thigh 3
Right Calf 4.25
Left Calf 2.5
Right Upper Arm 1.5
Left Upper Arm 1.5
Total Inches Lost:  38.875


Essay:  First, I have NEVER joined any kind of challenge where I had to submit pictures and measurements and put myself out there That in and of itself is a victory for me!!

I needed to do this for me. As a wife, mother of 10 (28-6) a farmer and teacher to our kids(homeschool) there generally isn’t a lot of time left for, well, much else!

I committed to this challenge and made it a priority. We did have a few bumps with illness during this time. The influenza B hit us and knocked me out for about 2 weeks and another illness came through that put us out for another week. So I didn’t exercise for 3 weeks within the challenge! Less is more !

My go to workouts for this challenge were HHMM, More 2, First steps 1&2, and I did add in some PPW as well.
I love how much better I feel, mentally. I can keep up with the daily demands of life (mostly).

I have let everyone know about T tapp and its benefits for the lymph system and overall well being. My mom is doing the Chair daily and she loves it! My husband wants to try this with me as well!

My goal now is to continue Tapping 5 days a week, using shorter workouts with an occasional long workout in there!
For me, this is a God thing! He tells us we are His temple…I definitely need to take better care of it! This challenge couldn’t have happened at a better time! Thank you!