Hudson B.

UNDER 50 – Less to Lose

Pecs 3.25
Bust/Chest 3
Ribs 1.25
Waist 2.25
Abs 0.75
Hips 2.25
Right Upper Thigh -0.5
Left Upper Thigh 0.25
Right Lower Thigh 0.75
Left Lower Thigh 0
Right Calf 0.5
Left Calf 0.5
Right Upper Arm 0.25
Left Upper Arm 0.25
Total Inches Lost: 14.75


Essay:  Full credit for any health and fitness progress I have made in the 60 day challenge should go to my wife who so diligently and patiently took me through various workouts and moves. I saw good results in inch-loss, but more importantly to me I feel better, I sleep better and I am stronger. These three areas are important to me because I normally have to sit (or stand) at a desk all day as an accountant. I love what I do, but when I switched from landscaping to my desk job there was a decrease in my level of routine exercise. I craved exercise, and T-Tapp helped satisfy that craving in a mentally and physically healthy manner.
I felt better after each day I did T-Tapp in the 60 day challenge. After each workout, I actually felt refreshed and invigorated, not exhausted as one might expect of working out. I also felt better in general because I had less soreness. For example, my left shoulder and back were sore most of the time because of how I sit at my desk and how I move my right hand more than my left. I still work at my desk and the soreness is practically gone. This is because T-Tapp is all about symmetry and balanced muscle development.
I slept soundly each night after doing T-Tapp in the 60 day challenge. My body was craving exercise and it had a hard time sleeping until after I had exercised. Even just 15 minutes of T-Tapp anytime during the day could give me deeper, longer sleep during the night.
I am more fit after 60 day challenge. I have been in decent shape most of my life, but after starting to work more indoors about a year ago my fitness subtly decreased. I could tell the difference while doing simple tasks this winter like shoveling snow off the driveway. It was harder than it used to be. After completing the 60 day challenge, I am as fit as I was before my desk job. More importantly, I know I can stay in good shape and still do what I love.
All my health and fitness improvements over the last two months are due to T-Tapp. I have made no other changes in my lifestyle or diet—that’s right, no changes besides adding 15 to 45 minutes of T-Tapp one to three times per week. My wife (who is also my trainer) and I were both surprised when we took my measurements and pictures at the end of the 60 day challenge because I had not even been doing it every day. To me T-Tapp is not a magic fix for health and fitness improvement; it is a science that gives a big return on a small amount of genuine focus and effort.