Connie R.

UNDER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 1.5
Bust/Chest 2
Ribs 1.75
Waist 2.5
Abs 2
Hips 1.5
Right Upper Thigh 1.5
Left Upper Thigh 2
Right Lower Thigh 1.75
Left Lower Thigh 1.25
Right Calf 0.5
Left Calf 0.5
Right Upper Arm 1.25
Left Upper Arm 1.25
Total Inches Lost: 21.25


Essay:  After having my forth child at age 38, almost three years ago, my body didn’t bounce back as quickly as it had in the past even though I was exercising on a regular basis. My body just seemed to be stuck at around 155 pounds. In fact I’ve basically maintained that weight ever since I was a teenager. I have probably spent hundreds of dollars over the years trying out different workout videos, exercise equipment and health books, doing my best to achieve a healthy, fit body. Ten years ago I got down to my goal weight, but I wasn’t able to maintain it long term or get back to it since. Very frustrating!

One day while reading a book called, “The Antioxidant Prescription” by Dr. Bryce Wylde. He highly recommended T-Tapp. So I went on the web to check it out. It was not what I had expected. There were no bells and whistles with this program. It looked so old fashioned. No modern set with a cast of supermodels, no upbeat music like what I was use to working out with in the past. From what I could tell, It looked like just stretching and simple moves done in a small amount of space. Initially, I didn’t think it was the workout for me, but as I began to read testimonials, magazine articles etc, I was intrigued and began to wonder, “Could this actually work for me?” Eventually, I decided to give it a try, because I wasn’t achieving the results I was working hard for with my other programs, so I ordered the Total Workout. I was beginning to get familiar with the different moves, when several weeks later the 60 day challenge was about to begin. I decided it was just what I needed to get serious about this program. The challenge came at a perfect time too. I was in the middle of a cold Canadian winter, feeling a bit unmotivated, discouraged and lonely with my husband working away from home.

On February 15, 2017, I took my before pictures and measurements and put all my other exercise videos away and totally committed to doing T-Tapp only for the next 60 days.

Once I got more familiar with the moves the workout would go by quicker and I began to really enjoy the workouts. This may sound silly, but I would begin to imagine myself doing the workout personally with Teresa at the resort and so I would try to perform each move to the best of my ability as though I was being recorded with Teresa for her next workout DVD 🙂

Since doing only T-Tapp, I have experienced some wonderful changes! My knees are no longer stiff and achy. My chronic sore neck has improved considerably. My measurements show that my height has increased by a 1/2”. I was 5’6 3/4 and now I am 5’7 1/4!!

I look forward to exercising now and I must say that I’m addicted to T-Tapp. It is like my body craves it! I love how it makes me feel. It loosens up any stiffness I may feel in the morning. Post workout, I feel more positive and energized.

For me it wasn’t hard committing to 60 days. In that time span, I’ve seen my body significantly firm up and my belly pouch is almost gone! Others are starting to notice, but most importantly, my husband noticed. We hadn’t seen each other for three months and his response was great! Here’s is what he has to say:

“After having been away from home working for a few months I returned home to a new and improved version of my wife. She had been carrying about 15-20 extra pounds for years—and now looks and feels like she got rid of most of it over my time away. Her time with T-Tapp has transformed her curves to those that make it hard to keep my hands off.  Thank you T-Tapp.” ~Reuben Rickards

It would be a dream come true to win the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge and getaway to the Safety Harbour Retreat! I have given it my 100% and I am pleased with my results so far. I still have some weight and inches to loose, but now I feel like I will be able to achieve it and maintain it long term.

Thank you T-Tapp for helping me feel like a winner and boosting my confidence!