Daniele C.

OVER 50 – Health Improvements

Pecs 0
Bust/Chest 0
Ribs 0
Waist 1
Abs 0.5
Hips 0
Right Upper Thigh 3
Left Upper Thigh 2
Right Lower Thigh 1
Left Lower Thigh 1
Right Calf 0
Left Calf 0
Right Upper Arm 0
Left Upper Arm 0
Total Inches Lost: 8.5


Essay:  From the very beginning I was involved in huge health challenge. Specialist became Alarmed when after 3 special blood tests & demanded to know “how long have these symptoms been going on?” scheduled me for 3 tests/procedures, which were done shortly b4 end of this journey. Thru it all i learned how much intestinal fortitude and gratitude i really owned & exactly how lacking i was in my trust in our beloved Heavenly Parent. Some symptoms were extreme fatigue almost like sleep walking brain fog dizziness & other revolting developments. I learned how very valuable just the little things like beloved Teresa and Trisch daily upbeat posts in FB. It felt like God’s daily gift. Prayer got me thru the real tuff days & my heart was uplifted by my husband constant kindness.

Due to Healthy Hormones, Senior Fit, and #2 and #3 First Step, my workout was doable and i had my best sisters in the room with me daily. Even the corrections Berei receives in First Step were exactly what i needed. Because of the Challenge i was able to transcend every limitation both mind and body, and got me thru the wait to have procedures done. It felt like walking a tight rope but there were hands holding mine and my Safety Net, by the Grace of God? Was T-Tapp was Teresa was Trisch and all the testimonies on T-Tapp Support which proved we are all in this together and really and truly need each other. God IS the parent of ALL humankind, what a relief! never ever alone on this here journey. Forever grateful.