Heather P.

UNDER 50 – Health Improvements

Pecs 1
Bust/Chest 1
Ribs 0.5
Waist 0.75
Abs 0.25
Hips 0.5
Right Upper Thigh 1
Left Upper Thigh 1
Right Lower Thigh 0.625
Left Lower Thigh 0.5
Right Calf 0.25
Left Calf 0.25
Right Upper Arm 0
Left Upper Arm 0
Total Inches Lost: 7.625


Essay:  I know that most people see tremendous changes to their bodies and see their muscles sculpt beautifully when doing T-Tapp. While I definitely see some tightening and firming in my body, my greater goals for the T-Tapp challenge were to reduce my blood glucose levels as well as manage pain in my knee from a torn medial meniscus and pain from a torn tendon in my elbow. I have two amazing success stories to share, so I’ll tell the blood glucose story first.

I was told by my doctor after a routine physical exam that I was pre-diabetic and that we needed to consider putting me on the drug Metformin to manage my blood sugar issues. Being one who prefers to try all natural options first, I convinced the doctor to let me try to research more about how to manage these issues with diet and exercise. After a few months of adjusting my eating plan, my blood work showed that I had moved to the lower end of the pre-diabetic range so the doctor continued to support this natural approach. However, the past few months, I have been stuck and not able to get out of the risky pre-diabetic range. The doctor prescribed a continuous glucose monitor for me so that I could really see what was happening on a moment by moment basis. This device sends information every five minutes to a receiver and therefore shows my blood sugar movements in real time. This is where the fun began with T-Tapp in this story. I received the continuous glucose monitor right around the same time as the 60 day challenge began. Having been a faithful T-Tapper for about 2 years now (my second story will explain that), my friend Carrie said she couldn’t wait to see if T-Tapp really lowered blood glucose now that I could really test it. I was DELIGHTED to tell her and all of my other friends who support my efforts that T-Tapp really does lower glucose. In fact, I could see the glucose numbers fall 10-15 points within 10-15 minutes of finishing my work-out every morning. This was incredibly motivating to me and made me even more dedicated to doing the workouts every day. After about a week into the challenge and wearing my monitor, I realized that my main issue is with my overnight glucose, which I only know now because I can see what is happening when I sleep. My glucose was not falling below 100 at night and therefore, when I woke, my fasting glucose was too high. One of the best ways to reduce overnight glucose is to exercise. But, exercising before bed is not a ton of fun. My doctor, nutritionist and others suggested that I take a night time walk. That helped, but not very much. Then I remembered the great results I was seeing in the morning after doing Basic Workout Plus ending with hoe downs. Further, it was so much better for me to be able to exercise in my home rather than trying to walk outside at 10:00 at night. Would you believe it??!! Almost immediately, the glucose numbers started to improve when I woke in the morning. By doing just Primary Back Stretch along with hoe downs right before bed, my average blood glucose went down 5-7 points. When doing the whole Basic Workout Plus while watching tv with my family in the evenings, the glucose went down an average of 10-12 points. I woke yesterday with a 94 glucose level! This has been life changing for me. I know that with more education and learning how to better execute the moves that Teresa has designed, that I will only see more improvement in my results and move completely out of the pre-diabetic range. T-Tapp was the missing piece for me, and I want everyone to know that it can change their life too! People can recover from seemingly impossible conditions if they will put T-Tapp to work in their lives.

The other success story that I have to share is that we were hit by a drunk driver a couple of years ago, and my medial meniscus and elbow tendon were torn as shown by an MRI. My orthopedic recommended surgery but was willing to let me try physical therapy first. I learned many exercises that helped, but I still lived with a great deal of pain. Even walking or sitting was sometimes painful. Chasing my children and being active with sports as I had been my whole life was hardly an option. Before giving in to surgery, I wanted to give every effort possible and tried a wide variety of exercises and even natural pain management options. I had two friends that were T-Tappers, and they suggested I give it a try. The first four days of doing Basic Workout Plus instructional, I didn’t feel a thing and in fact felt like I wasn’t even getting a workout. But, on the fifth day, everything changed. I started better understanding how to do the exercises and was really feeling the muscles engage as Teresa tutored me through the video. By the second week, I was feeling that awesome “sort of sore” feeling like my muscles were really being used again. After the third week, the pain in my knee and elbow was almost non-existent. Right around that time, I started sleeping better through the night and waking feeling rested and ready for the day. I also noticed that I didn’t feel as tired in the middle of the afternoon. I had a funny experience with one of my lymph nodes swelling. My doctor was concerned that I might have Lymphoma because of the large size. I assured her that the exercise program that I had recently started was engaging my lymph system and flushing it out and that I did not have Lymphoma. She still insisted that I schedule an ultrasound, but the lymph node had decreased to normal by the time my appointment came three days later. Now she believes in T-Tapp too! T-Tapp works on so many levels……mental, lymphatic, physical….and I have had the privilege of seeing this through ultrasounds, blood tests and physical changes. I would have loved to do the challenge that year after the drunk driver accident and shared the great results with everyone, but we abruptly moved to The Netherlands for a short term work assignment for my husband. We have returned to the US now, so this year I was finally able to participate. I have been doing T-Tapp exercises faithfully now for two years and cannot imagine life without them. It is truly an amazing blessing to have T-Tapp available to deal with so many issues. I can’t wait to learn more!

Just think Teresa, you have saved me from orthoscopic surgery on my knee and elbow as well as helped me manage my glucose away from Diabetes. I would say calling T-Tapp a success in my life is the understatement of the century.