Jennifer P.

UNDER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 3
Bust/Chest 1.75
Ribs 0.25
Waist 2
Abs 0.75
Hips 1.5
Right Upper Thigh 1.5
Left Upper Thigh 1.5
Right Lower Thigh -0.375
Left Lower Thigh -0.375
Right Calf 0.25
Left Calf 0.25
Right Upper Arm -0.125
Left Upper Arm -0.25
Total Inches Lost: 11.625


Essay:  There are people in this world that are easily thin. They don’t regularly exercise, they eat what they want and they usually sleep well and again I’ll say it, they are easily thin. I know about the human genome project and how we are 99.5% alike so the “genetics” answer doesn’t sit well with me. And, despite my lifelong interest and profession in nutrition and my work as a diabetes educator, I couldn’t figure out how to get myself thinner in this peri-menopausal stage of life. I don’t eat a lot of junk and I’m never opposed to exercise but I wasn’t getting thinner and my waist exceeded 35″! I’m part Greek so need I say more? We love food and we tend to get heavier around middle age.

I must say, as opposed to many peri-menopausal women, however, I have been really careful about not hating myself. After all, this body produced 3 human beings and the 8lb average I gained with each pregnancy was worth every ounce of my healthy children. This body, although chubby, has seen a lot of great things and had a lot of great experiences. I always thank God that this body still walks and does everything it is supposed to do without disabilities. So, although I always want to improve, self-loathing is never part of the equation. I try and remember my motto, “alive and ready to thrive.”

So, one day I was thinking of an easily-thin friend of mine and it dawned on me that one of the things I noticed about her the first time we met was that she had ballerina-like posture. It got me curious, “could my poor posture be the cause of my chub?” I thought if she always holds her posture like that and is easily thin and I exercise for 1 hour a day and sit like a jello ball the rest of the day then maybe that was where we really differed? She regularly clocked 10,000 steps per day without “exercise”. The frenetic exercise I had done only left me feeling like I had the flu for 2 days post-workout and I didn’t lose an ounce or an inch. I thought, wouldn’t it be better to engage my muscles most of the day with posture and short bouts of walking and maybe actively “exercise” less? What if I always exercise my posture muscles? I bet I would burn way more calories. So, I went to the University of Google to find out if this could be the answer and that’s when I found T-Tapp. I actually started T-Tapping last May (2016) and did the two week challenge. To my shock and joy, I lost a whopping 5 inches in 2 weeks and most importantly, my waist went down!

I had continued to do T-Tapp videos throughout 2016 year and entered the contest in February 2017. I took the photographs required and boy did they teach me a lot about myself! I thought I was standing straight when I really wasn’t. I couldn’t believe it especially after T-Tapping for months. The pictures were so valuable!

I already knew I had scoliosis. I thought it was mild and virtually undetectable until I looked at the photos of myself and saw that my chin didn’t line up with my belly button. My right shoulder was noticeably lower than my left shoulder. When I saw the photo of my back, my curve was obvious. I have been walking around the world like this for decades! No wonder my back hurt at times. Using a mirror, I figured out how to shift my hips so that my curve straightened (not perfect but MUCH better) and my chin was aligned. And guess what? My back doesn’t hurt at all and my core muscles immediately cinch when I hold my hips in the correct position.

I am someone with a history of back problems. Not only did T-Tapp correct them, my stamina is coming back. I have learned how to activate muscles that I have never used in my pelvis, back and core. I have learned to love my lats! I stand on my feet properly and my arches don’t collapse, which caused me to pronate. No one has EVER explained how my feet are supposed to be positioned. I actively sit up straight, walk with shoulders back, tuck my core muscles and sneak in little plies whenever I dry my hair or fill a glass with water. I practice posture and T-Tapp all of the time and work my chest and back muscles with grocery cars and steering wheels. I have done many of the videos and discovered Posture Power and the Target Pop had some new moves for me to try. I have ranked “lawn mowers” as my favorite T-Tapp move because it straightens out my scoliosis and feels great. I do these every day before bed. Needless to say, T-Tapp is always on my mind.

T-Tapp really has been a pivotal program not only for me personally but for my patients that I affect in my career. My opinion on exercise has completely changed from high-intensity frenetic exercise to functional results-driven exercise. Too many of my patients try to hit the gym hard when they have never gotten good results. They overcomplicate exercise. The Basic Workout Plus can be done on a lunch break without special equipment. Simply trying to get up and walk a little bit every hour can dramatically help. Another epiphany for me at work was that I believe a lot of people have acid reflux because of poor posture. Sounds crazy but how can it not be true? So many of my patients are on medications for GERD. I know by pulling the ribs up and engaging the muscles in the abdomen, the upward pressure from their stomach can be relieved.

I hope to meet Teresa in person one day. If not, thank you so much for what you have created. This really is a fantastic exercise program that I will never stop doing or talking about with patients.