Lauren M.

UNDER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 6.5
Bust/Chest 6.5
Ribs 2.5
Waist 4.5
Abs 4.5
Hips 3
Right Upper Thigh 4.5
Left Upper Thigh 4.25
Right Lower Thigh 1
Left Lower Thigh 1.5
Right Calf 0.75
Left Calf 1
Right Upper Arm 2
Left Upper Arm 1.25
Total Inches Lost: 43.75


Essay:  Another challenge down, another oh my gosh I can hardly believe these T-Tapp results!

Last year was a bit of a tough one (though certainly there are people far worse off than I), after missing last year’s challenge due to a motorcycle accident injuring both knees and elbows just before it was to begin and taking about 2 months to recover, another fall in May, both knees and left arm again and another 2 month recovery time. In between my partner had a very serious collision in March which he was lucky to have survived, still recovering from broken pelvis, shoulder and head injury, my health and wellbeing took a bit of a back seat to my pains, stresses in other aspects of life and being more concerned with my partners recovery. I slid into a depressive cycle, wasn’t moving with purpose, nor watching what was going into my mouth, inches and pounds kept creeping on, but I hadn’t ‘really’ noticed because I didn’t really want to, I was feeling lethargic and certainly not the best I could be. Moving was difficult, even getting up from the couch was tough due to my knees.

Fast forward to the 60 day challenge email arriving in my inbox, I ummed and ahhed about whether to participate, while knowing it would be so good for me, I just didn’t know if I could commit as while they were really still recovering from last year’s accidents, I again injured my knee at the end of January, a partial dislocation. But I did, then I took the beginning photos/measurements. What I saw shocked and upset me, even though I knew I had been expanding, always confronting to see that image you usually avoid. I really didn’t do very much at all for the first couple of weeks of the challenge, because I let myself feel so bad about what that picture looked like, I considered pulling out. Then I had a serious internal discussion – “well, we’re not going to fix that picture by sitting our backside on the couch are we?” From then on, I just put on my shoes and pressed play. Slowly at first with a few SATI efforts, then realising some of the pain in my knees was probably just cautionary as they had been so, so sore. Then I realised, I could manage T-Tapp with this injury, building up strength as I went, striving to go to my max and feeling satisfied that I was doing my best. Before I knew it, commitment to my T-Tapping routine was back! Getting up before work at 5:30 just to make sure I carried out my commitment to myself, making sure I got my shoes on after work if I needed a sleep in. Most of the workouts completed were More, a few SATI and TWO’s on about half a dozen weekends.

Then just like that, the daunting 60 day challenge was over, so quickly. And once again, I just can’t believe the results and again and how little the numbers on the scale matter. I initially thought I probably hadn’t achieved all that much, however my final pictures have me stunned at how much you can do in so little time with the right thing for your body, and fill me with hope that if I just keep going with T-Tapp, I’ll get to where I want to be – probably sooner rather than later! One of the funniest things about this challenge has been having arguments with people about “how much weight you must have lost?!?”, when in reality, I’ve only lost about 6lbs of weight, but nearly 46 inches! The non-scale victories are what’s most important, my clothes fit much better – dare I say some are even loose now, my posture has visibly improved (I might even be a little taller than when I began), my particularly troublesome right knee is so much more flexible and tolerates movement so much better already, my general feeling of health has significantly improved and every little thing doesn’t feel nearly as effortful as it did before the challenge. The challenge now of course is to keep going, but feeling this much better already I don’t think I’m going to slip back to the old ways too soon, I also enjoy parroting along with Teresa, I’ve learnt which bits mean I’m nearly at the end and the giggles I’ve had when my partner has walked in on my More session and asked why Teresa is dressed like a storm trooper without her helmet! Just quietly, after years of resistance, he’s been getting in on the PBS action when I begin my T’Tapp for the day, one T-Tapper at a time…

Thank-you so much for holding this challenge, again, inches lost are fantastic, but the confidence and health gains are the biggest rewards and successes! Yes, we all can!