Meira G.

OVER 50 – Health Improvements

Pecs 0.5
Bust/Chest 0.63
Ribs 1.98
Waist 3.93
Abs 5
Hips 2.2
Right Upper Thigh 0.62
Left Upper Thigh 0.47
Right Lower Thigh 2.43
Left Lower Thigh 1.52
Right Calf 1.03
Left Calf 0.85
Right Upper Arm 0.5
Left Upper Arm 0.63
Total Inches Lost: 22.29


Essay:  Dear Teresa,
I have finished my Challenge – sixty days of serious, intensive sports effort. My conclusions are as follows.
I have fully accomplished the results that I had set: balancing my blood pressure, strengthening my belly muscles, strengthening my left knee (which had suffered an injury) and straitening my bunion on the right foot.

During the whole Challenge period I have noticed consistent reduction of my blood pressure to previously unattainable levels during a whole year of efforts. The measurements were so good, that I am considering consulting my general practitioner reduction or even elimination the drug dosage that I am still on.
When I started the Challenge my belly was loose. Gradually during training my belly muscles have strenthened, and now one can see that I have a flatter belly, which shows quite well in the pictures and in my final measurements.

My left knee had been injured and felt somewhat limited in movement. Due to the daily excercises I have reached free, unlimited functioning of the knee.

The bunion on my right foot has straitened and gives me much less pain, regardless of which kind of shoes I wear.
Thank you, dear Teresa, for such a healthful program. I feel and look great and earn lots of compliments. I have immensely enjoyed belonging to the T-Tapp family and engaging in your excercises. I have decided to make the T-Tapp excercises an essential part of my daily routine. I hope to meet in August at the retreat in Florida.

With much love,

Meira Gilan