Melinda H.

OVER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 0
Bust/Chest 1.75
Ribs 1.25
Waist 1
Abs 1
Hips 2
Right Upper Thigh 1
Left Upper Thigh 1.25
Right Lower Thigh 0.5
Left Lower Thigh 1
Right Calf 1.25
Left Calf 0.75
Right Upper Arm 0.5
Left Upper Arm 0.5
Total Inches Lost: 13.75


Essay:  T-Tapp Challenge Journal

I feel compelled to write an intro. My best improvement (there are several) from this 60 Day Challenge is the healing of my vagina. In 2010 I had surgery to remove my uterus and a rectocele and cystocele to repair anterior and posterior prolapse. The surgery was a success though it resulted in very painful sex and pain (from a twinge to Ouch!) almost every time I moved. Not pleasant and discouraging when the surgeon suggested it was something I would have to live with. The fitness I have accomplished from this challenge to do T-Tapp workout for 60 days has corrected whatever was causing the pain, and I am elated.

I am doing physical activities I thought I would not do again. I love to homestead, work on our farm, care for our animals. I had sold everything and discontinued barnyard activities to eliminate the chores I could no longer perform in 2014. Wow is all I can say! I am an advocate for the benefits of T-Tapp. I recently loaned my Basic workout video to a friend because she begged to try it. When I revealed the nature of my sexual healing, she was adamant to try. I think, because women do not tell these personal stories, we are not helping each other with healing. Please Continue to read

February 15
We are barely home from our winter trip. This year we explored the Historic Triangle in Virginia. Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. We walked, and we suffered. I have knowledge of the Neuro Kinetic connection. I have been acquainted with T-Tapp for several years. I have several different DVD’s and the “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes” book. It is the one choice I believe I can make for myself to counteract fatigue and pain in my body. I started with Hoe Downs today. I’ll get the photos and measurements done tomorrow so I can enter the 60 Day T-Tapp Challenge.

February 16
Ugh! First work out was hard, and painful. I didn’t do as many of the repetitions because I was unable to keep the form mastered.

February 17
F&F15 is quite a workout. No kidding about the fatigue— layer by layer. I couldn’t do as much as I did yesterday.

February 18
I am glad the technology worked with me to upload my ‘before’ photos, and get registered for the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge. I m excited about a chance to win a trip to Safe Harbor, Florida. I wouldn’t mind learning about becoming a certified T-Tapp Instructor. (“bottom knee is bent—-higher, higher, as high as you can, last time-you did it”) Wondering how long it will take me to memorize the workout?

Today I experienced an Ah-Ha! My husband wanted help in the shop assembling a “roto-something” for the three point hitch on the little tractor. It required me to hold 6 pounds, firmly, while he used a mallet to drive the parts together. I was able to stand in a awkward position, and hold the weight, for several minutes at a time, as he adjusted, and re-adjusted the assembly. I thought to myself, “T-Tapp is powerful, I have done 4 days straight and already I am stronger.” Wow!

February 19
No T-Tapp today. I am a United Methodist pastor appointed to a county seat Kansas church. I get up before the sun on Sundays so I can prepare for preaching two sermons and a Bible/Book Study. I will be exhausted at 2pm and ready for a nap. (*Note: no nap today, wasn’t wiped out, could it be the T-Tapp?)

February 20
I would like to lose the 8 pounds I gained after Christmas, New Year’s and winter eating. 177>185. I am hoping I can do both, exercise consistently and eat clean. I will try to get my self organized to do a version of “Whole 30” or “Paleo” or What Teresa Tapp calls “God Made” as I would prefer to not diet, just east wholesomely.

February 21
I have so many irons in the fire! I have 2016 taxes spread out on the table, we have multiple streams of income so it isn’t simple to compile and assemble for the accountant. I am in class 6 hours a week to become a certified coach through the ICF and I have several organizational boards I serve as a member. I should be feeling overwhelmed ——I am not. This is good. T-Tapp?

February 22
Ugh! my mom called just as I finished my workout. She needs to go to the Emergency Room. Her knee is causing her a lot of pain. I wonder if an 87 year old woman can do T-Tapp? I suspect her knee is acting up due to she shuffling gait and limited range of motion. She says she is doing exercise and “therapy” on her own, but I do not see the evidence in her body. Heaping care for her onto my already backed schedule.

February 23
I have only completed 8 T-Tapp workouts and increased my walking a little because I synced my smart watch to measure my steps. I feel a lot stronger, and better able to carry heavy bags of groceries. This is with only 8 workouts, what well 15 feel like?

February 24,25,26,27,28
I only intended to visit my friend for Friday evening, Sat, Sun, and return either Sunday evening or Monday Morning. But I locked my keys in the car. I had to wait for my husband to FedEx a spare set. There is no getting into this car without it’s key. This car and I have a strange relationship—this has happened before, and I have been stranded until the spare key could be retrieved. I was a little embarrassed though I noticed I handled the stress much better than I would normally do. I immediately credited T-Tapp for my mental and emotional strength. After all, I really had no where to be, and I had my computer, so I could work. I only did primary back stretch and Hoe Downs for four days, because they are the two I know by heart, well, mostly, Hoe Downs for sure.

March 1
Ten!! Today I have completed 10 T-Tapp workouts. If seems like more and longer from the strength and endurance and mental clarity I am achieving. This is going to help a lot on my journey to better health. Last year I had a terrible spell of Panic and Anxiety attacks, GERD——-burning in my chest, which led to months of testing and thousand’s of dollars and a recommended treatment plan from a cardiologist to take a statin drug, blood pressure medicine, and a beta blocker. This was confusing for me as the tests indicted no high blood pressure, no blockages in the heart, in fact my heart is healthy and fine, though one test measuring calcium was high and my cholesterol is slightly elevated. (What happened to 300 being the bench mark for cholesterol???

Anyway, I quit with allopathic doctors and testing. So fed up with that “disease” system. I started with a Functional Medicine MD. Today I received my results. Very scientific and specialized blood, stool, saliva and urine samples revealed a severe B vitamin deficiency and a compromised methylation cycle. Kreb Cycle isn’t doing too good either. Inflammation in my system is causing a condition known as Leaky Gut. My sister is a Nurse Practitioner. She wasn’t very supportive of my treatment, “We’ll see!” is what she said.

I intent to cure my body and restore my vitality with nutrition, herbs, vitamins, meditation and T-Tapp.

March 2
I have a routine down now. I take a thyroid bio-identical when I get up. Help my husband get off to work, take care of the dogs and start a big electric tea kettle to heating as I begin Basic Workout Plus. When we finish T-Tapp Twist for a Stretch, I pause the DVD, and add the hot water to the tea leaves, then finish Hoe Downs. This is the slickest tightest little routine of my day. I love it. Then I drink my tea while meditating before I start the rest of my day. Wow!

March 3
I started reading “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes” hoping to understand the anatomy behind the sequences of the workout. 25 years in massage therapy gives me an advanced understanding of muscle fibers, origins and insertions. I want to maximize the workout. Especially the right-brain-left-brain stimuli. “T-Tapp strong” is my mantra!

March 4
Yesterday I received a complement, “My you look really good, you are still losing!” I replied graciously. I thought to myself, “What? I’ve gained 8 pounds.” I shake a little off for a bit, but not much and not long.” Then I remembered the T-Tapp Challenge, and thought, I must be losing inches.

March 5
The weather has been warm. Spring is definitely putting her running shoes on. I decided to plant some early leaf lettuce, spinach, Kale, Early Frost Peas. I also decided to clean out the asparagus bed, and another flower bed. I sort of got bored with the gardening before my body started saying “Whoa!” It has to be the T-Tapp. I was strong, no pain, no heavy breathing. No struggle at all to rake, hoe, dig, carry, lift, heft! Go Me! This is evidence that consistency pays off.

March 6
Well I spoke too soon. Today I couldn’t keep my elbows up during the workout. My muscles felt tired and weak. I did what I could, being careful to maintain good form “KLT-tuck-up-half-in-out!” Apparently, the three hours I spent gardening and landscaping yesterday are catching up with me today, still? When was the last time I could work for three hours?

March 7
I recovered well, today everything is fine. I am looking forward to spring and working on the farm and in the garden. Last year was such a struggle just to push an empty wheelbarrow across the yard. This year, I am strong and flexible. Excited to get out there and grow plants and food for us, and flowers for the honeybees.

March 8 Yes I did!

March 9 Yes I did!

March 10 Yes I did!

March 11

Today I quickly, grated cheese, carrots, and chopped, chopped onions, celery potatoes for Cheeseburger Soup. I wash cleaning up to begin preparing a new recipe for Cherry Bread when I realized I did all that food prep effortlessly. Usually my hands; fingers and thumbs would have given out at least twice. I have experienced episodes of fear and frustration as I think to myself, “I’m having a hard time doing simple things like cook. Is it age? Am I wearing out?”

I also noticed I do not have thumb and wrist pain when I do the Primary Back Stretch. Amazing! My observations over 25 years in massage therapy has revealed many things to me about the human body. Foremost, the body will heal and correct itself given the right stimuli. My thumbs and wrists and right elbow no longer hurt with use. I am blessed to be stronger doing BWP.

March 12
No Time for T-Tapp early Morning, Daylight savings time hit and I lost an hour somewhere. Preaching two worship services. Have to go work. I am rocking this new found strength and energy. We have the Joash Luncheon following church, there will be lots of work for that one!

March 13
I am several days into the Leaky Gut Treatment. I think the stamina I have gained from daily 15 minute T-Tapp Work Out is all that sustained me from total wipe out. I am so sick. I mean really, really sick. This must be yeast die off symptoms. I have a fever, lung and head congestion, I feel like a Semi-tractor-trailer and all it’s 18 wheels have run over me.

March 14
Herxheimer reaction is the name for this terrible, horrible condition. I certainly wasn’t prepared for being this sick. Fever of 101.8 Chills, cold feeling in my hands and feet, my heart rate is up, I have such pain in my joints and muscles, I’m on the verge of nausea,, I have weird headache and extreme fatigue. I am doing my best to stay hydrated and my kidneys are working over time detoxing. I suspect my liver is too. I don’t ever remember feeling this sick. My doctor says it should improve in a couple of days.

March 16
I am wiped out! I attempted the T-Tapp workout, I just can’t bend over, (my head aches) and I lack strength and equilibrium. Rest and fluids. So I can manage a terrible schedule. Several funerals to officiate.

March 17
It wasn’t pretty, but I made it through a funeral and three pastoral care sessions. (I am a solo pastor for a United Methodist Church) At the end of the day, my son showed up with a box of wine and spirits. He wanted to try drink recipes. Stupidly, I participated. I say stupidly, because wine is the culprit for the situation I am in. I functioned in such tension for several years. Dealing with death, grief, disappointment and stress with wine. For me, like many people, it starts casually enough, one glass of wine—-takes the edge off the ba-zing of stress whirling around in your body. Another glass removes the tension, and flattens out the feelings of sadness, anxiety over change, uncertainty and feelings of out of control. Eventually it becomes easy to sip or guzzle a bottle, then a box (three bottles) of wine. Without too much effort, the day’s schedule includes wine at 5pm, and maybe wine at noon on days off. Admittedly, medicating with alcohol is a common self-treatment plan, people who are not intentional about self care can develop. I have misused food all my life. So it was an easy transition for me. Anyway, drinking three glasses of wine was counter effective to my leaky gut yeast eradication protocol. I was again plunged into the messy world of yeast overgrowth and die off.

March 20
Somehow I managed to survive another bout of Herxheimer reaction. Maybe it was all part of one cleansing episode? IDK! What I do know, is that I never want this experience in my life again. I barely can function, thankfully, I have three days to rest and recover. I am so physically debilitated that I can do HoeDowns and that’s it.

March 22
Walking was tough. I didn’t go too far from the house. The spring weather is calling me, and I have to ignore it for repeated trips to lie down and rest. At least I can do Primary Back Stretch and HoeDowns.

March 23
I am pushing a little, I do as much as I can of the T-Tapp Workout. It’s very pathetic how weak and wobbly I am compared to how strong and flexible I felt 10 days ago. I am focusing on nutrition, and fortification to heal my body. Originally when I began the T-Tapp Challenge, I was determined to win. Now my focus has shifted. Winning will be healing my body. Eliminating the yeast infection and healing my gut. The doctor says it can take months, 3-6 minimum. That’s okay! I have never in 40 years of adult living achieved any kind of balance. I have been swinging from one extreme to another—all in—or all out! Perhaps I have matured enough in mind and spirit to allow my body to have it’s own wisdom. I truly believe T-Tapp is a vital part of this balance recovery/new lifestyle. I hope I don’t wear out the DVD!!

March 27
The first day after almost two weeks, to attempt the T-Tapp workout and completed it. I have been doing Hoe Downs and Primary Back Stretch as my head allowed and I could stand up. Today, was Not 100%, though signs of recovery are there. I had the stamina to begin working on a quilt I started last winter. I sewed two very long pieces together backwards and had to take out all the stitching. I noticed half way through, my hands were doing a fine job, usually, that small dexterity movements make my hands go numb. Wow! It must be the T-Tapp.

March 28
Yeah! Completed T-Tapp workout, only slacked on the jumping jacks and the elbows up.

March 29 Yes I did!

March 30 Yes I did!

March 31 Yes I did!

April 1 Yes I did!

April 2

April 3 Yes I did!

April 4
I have a secret weapon for enduring 4 days of sitting in class. KLT and imaging doing Hoe Downs while I stand in the back of the room when I can’t sit another moment. I went outside and did Primary Back Stretch and Hoe Downs during the breaks. I got up 20 minutes early each day so I could continue my routine of the Basic Workout-Plus and meditation.

April 5 Yes I did!

April 6 Yes I did!

April 7 Yes I did!

April 8
WOW! I worked 7 hours cleaning out the brooder house in preparation of raising chicks. There is no way I could have done the carrying, tugging, lifting, sweeping, necessary to complete the task without the strength and endurance I have gained from almost daily T-Tapp work-outs. Woo Hoo! I feel strong, vital and renewed. I love the life of homesteading. I enjoy raising animals, vegetables, grains and seeds. I love living a sustainable lifestyle. My aging process, and my lack of commitment to self care was causing me to give up the life I love. I was weak, tired and giving up. This challenge has changed my life and restored my confidence. I can do it!

April 9

April 10 Yes I did!

April 11 I did the Floor workout, Amazing. I have several T-Tapp DVD’s I am going to start using them for a little variety, when I have time. Meanwhile, there is the basic workout with Hoe Downs, well ingrained in my memory, every Teresa’s Inhale- ish, ish, Exhale pgh, pgh! I can hear it in my mind.

April 12 I told a friend about my success with T-Tapp, and she begged me to let her borrow my DVD. I loaned it to her, because I have the workout memorized. It is the best part of the beginning of my day, almost every day. I will get other videos for more advanced T-Tapp.

April 13 Yes I did!

April 14 Yes I did!

April 15 I have lost 5 pounds and 5 inches. I can wear a size 12 pant and top, though I bought a 14, because I don’t like tight closes which show my bulging belly. That is two sizes from the 16 I was wearing when I started. One size comfortable and looking good.