Nicole R.

UNDER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 3
Bust/Chest 2.5
Ribs 3
Waist 4
Abs 5
Hips 2
Right Upper Thigh 1.25
Left Upper Thigh 0.75
Right Lower Thigh 1
Left Lower Thigh 1
Right Calf 0.5
Left Calf 0.25
Right Upper Arm 0.75
Left Upper Arm 0.75
Total Inches Lost: 25.75


Essay:  Let me just start by saying, no matter what the official decision is, I feel like I’ve already won! This is the first time ever that I have completed the challenge!!! Every year I enter… and then life happens and I get discouraged and give up. But this year, something changed for me.

Don’t get me wrong… life still happened. I’m a homeschooling mom to four kids, so my life is always full. I spent the first part of the challenge fighting allergies and a cold. And dealing with some tough emotional stuff. And giving myself lots of excuses for why I couldn’t workout. Eventually, I made the decision to just START… even if I couldn’t do it perfectly, I could do something. Over three weeks, I completed 6 workouts. But I got discouraged. Six seemed so insignificant. I figured this year would be like all the other ones and I would just give up.

But that little voice in my head wouldn’t let me. Even though I stopped working out, I tried to focus on the things I could. Keeping my ribs up. Making healthy choices. Taking a walk with my kids. They weren’t big things… just little things I thought I could handle. I still felt discouraged, but I was taking baby steps.

When Renee offered the two week Boot Camp to end the challenge, it finally clicked. My perspective changed. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t done much for most of the challenge… I still had two weeks left. Sitting around feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to accomplish anything… those two weeks were going to pass either way. I could give up or I could keep going… I was the one who got to decide. So I took a leap of faith and jumped back in, with a promise to myself to only focus on the positive.

In these last two weeks, I completed 10 workouts. I could have tried to work out every day, but I took four days to rest without feeling guilty, because I knew it was what my body needed. I made sure to celebrate the small victories and to not sweat the other stuff, and took each day one workout and one decision at a time.

So now I am at the end of the challenge… I completed 16 workouts in 60 days. That’s it. I could be discouraged, but I’m not! The results speak for themselves.

Since the beginning of the challenge, I have lost over 25 inches… five inches from my belly alone. I have lost 10 pounds. I am down a clothing size. I am seeing and feeling muscles I didn’t know I had. And as if that wasn’t enough, so many other things are happening! I wake up early now, excited to workout. I fall asleep easier at night. I complete my workouts tired, but somehow invigorated and ready to conquer my day. My posture has improved dramatically… this one is HUGE for me. Just standing up straight used to make me feel so tired because those muscles weren’t used to working. Chronic pain in my hands and feet has improved. My anxiety is so much better.

But more than anything else, I feel so positive. Life happens, and I can’t control that. But I can control my response to it. I can be proud that I accomplished something I set out to do and I didn’t give up. I can continue to make good choices, and to help myself get healthy and strong. And I can do it one workout at time!

Thank you for offering the challenge. This has been exactly what I needed, in so many areas of my life, I can’t wait to see what the next 16 workouts bring!!