Rebecca V.

UNDER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 4.5
Bust/Chest 4.5
Ribs 3.25
Waist 7.05
Abs 7.2
Hips 4.75
Right Upper Thigh 2.75
Left Upper Thigh 2.45
Right Lower Thigh 1
Left Lower Thigh 1.2
Right Calf 0.68
Left Calf 0.9
Right Upper Arm 1.8
Left Upper Arm 1.55
Total Inches Lost: 43.58


Essay:   Whew. What a ride. When I started out with this challenge, I was on the slow track because I was recovering from one of the worst lupus flare-ups I’ve ever had. My joints were so bad from January to February that for the first time in over a year, I had to stop exercising or doing ANYTHING pretty much. So when the challenge rolled around, I started out with 3 days a week to ease my way into it. By 2 weeks in, I was going 5-7 days a week. I did a variety of different exercises including Step Away the Inches for the first time. LOVED it by the way. The first few weeks, my thighs—upper and lower—and my calves all increased. YIKES!!! Then I tried Step away the Inches and all of those and the hips which had stubbornly stayed the same measurement for the first 3 weeks all took a dive. I followed a lot of Renee McLaughlin’s form tips which were invaluable. I tried out new exercises Teresa added to her repertoire on the

Tuesday morning show in Florida.
I did Hoe Downs waiting for my food to cook. I did Hoe Downs on my porch. I did Step Away the Inches techniques when I was out of the house.

I did almost every single workout under the watchful eyes of my biggest reason for doing T-Tapp. My kiddos. The last two weeks I did Renee’s boot camp to end off the challenge with a blast. I sprained an ankle, but through the prayers of many friends, I was able to listen to my body and get back on my feet T-Tapping after a few days—not off—doing chair and floor routines. Let me just tell you, I was thankful that I was doing recorded sessions sometimes. I had to pause the video several times. But with those kiddos watching, I made myself unpause them when I was ready and kept going. These kids are very aware that their mama has Lupus. They know my struggles. They know physical activity is not always easy for me, BUT they know I’m going to fight to be the healthiest mom I can be for them.
I AM SO THANKFUL for T-Tapp. I am so thankful that I found a way to work out even when I’m not in the best of health. I am so thankful that I have a way to keep healthy and strong and show my kids the difference that perseverance makes. I am looking forward to seeing all of you all in Florida!!