Shana D.

UNDER 50 – Less to Lose

Pecs 1.75
Bust/Chest 3
Ribs 1
Waist 2.75
Abs 2
Hips 2.125
Right Upper Thigh 1.25
Left Upper Thigh 1.875
Right Lower Thigh 1
Left Lower Thigh 0.5
Right Calf 0
Left Calf 0.25
Right Upper Arm 0.25
Left Upper Arm 0.5
Total Inches Lost: 18.25


My journey to T-Tapp started almost exactly 8 years ago when we were having difficulty getting pregnant with my first and I discovered that I had hypothyroidism. The first 5 years all was well – as long as my meds were in check. Fast forward 5 years to 2014 and I’d hit a slump. I’d given birth to my second son the prior year. After I weaned him from nursing – at the one year point, I became tired, had severe memory issues, and put on 13 pounds in that year – a noticeable difference on my small frame. I was 37 and my female hormones were that of a 50 year old. Yes, I was at menopause levels and hadn’t had a cycle in over 3 years. No tweaking of my meds made a difference. I was eating all whole/organic foods and working out over an hour a day, seven days a week and putting on weight.

It was during the early part of 2015 that I learned of T-Tapp on Mary Shomon’s thyroid advocate site. For my birthday on Jan. 10, I asked for and received the Total Workout Starter Kit. I began doing the Total Workout religiously 6 days a week. In the first month, I lost over 13” and in two months, I lost almost 20” and was down to a weight that I was comfortable with. I hadn’t lost the entire 13 pounds, but my pre-weight gain stage clothes fit comfortably, so I was happy. That May we learned that I was expecting baby #3 – In addition to the weight loss, T-Tapp is credited with helping with my hormones too! I continued to T-Tapp during my entire pregnancy (Total Workout, Lady Bug and Step Away workouts) in 2015 gaining only around 17 pounds. A happy and healthy baby boy #3 arrived on Dec. 26, 2016. Three weeks after his arrival (early 2016), I started doing the Step Away workouts, usually while baby wearing; since he was colicky. At week 6, I was cleared to begin the Total Workouts. Within no time at all, I was into my pre-baby clothes. All was well. That is until the fall of last year. At this point, I’d been doing T-Tapp almost exclusively for 18 months. I’d gotten a bit tired of the same old DVDs and instead of purchasing additional ones, I decided to be frugal and try free online workouts – just for some variety. Honestly, I loved being able to do a new workout every day. I felt great for about a month. But, by the holidays my pants were getting tighter despite daily work outs online. At first, I contributed it to overeating all of the holiday yummies. But, my 40th birthday came on January 10th and my clothes were even tighter (I was living in leggings), even though I’d started watching my diet again. I continued with the new workouts until the end of the month. I was about to throw in the towel on my new workouts. They just weren’t working for me. High intensity interval type workouts may work for some, but they just don’t seem to do it for this hypothyroid girl. I was back at where I was two years prior. Feeling horrible and not being able to button my pants. At almost exactly this time, I learned of the T-Tapp challenge and took it as a sign to once again starting T-Tapping. I dove back in again slowly – only doing the Basic Workout a few times a week until the challenge began. On the morning of Wednesday, February 15th I took my photos and weighed myself for the first time in over a month and boy was I surprised. The five pound, or so, weight gain looked like so much more in my photos. Thank you small combination frame! Can you say fat pads and double bottom? Just looking at them was enough to kickstart me into the boot camp and beyond. After a week-long Total Workout boot camp, I continued to complete the Total Workout every other day and alternate other workouts on my “off” days. I’d normally do Ladybug on the Floor with Crab Claws and then also alternate in Pop Target 3 and At the Barre. I also did Primary Back Stretch every day and hoedowns after every meal and after most snacks. At the start of the challenge I also promised myself that I’d get in 10,000 steps a day – every day! On nice days (thanks to a mild winter in Indiana), I’d walk outside with my boys. On not so nice days, I’d complete either Step Away the Inches or Step it to the Max. Or, sometimes I’d just use T-Tapp walking techniques while watching TV at night, if I hadn’t met my steps. As far as diet goes, the first month I was very strict with following the recommended God Made/Man Made plan. I’d eat God Made for two days, allow myself some Man Made on the third … etc. I also didn’t allow any bites, licks or tastes as those really add up! The first week alone I lost 9.5” and by week three I’d lost almost 14” and 4 pounds. And the best part – my pants were fitting. I could button them comfortably. No more living in leggings! By spring break (week 4), I’d lost 17” and was also down to my goal weight. After a long winter, I didn’t even need to try on my summer clothes as I just knew they would fit. Such a great feeling! But, truth be told, I was scared to go on vacation. Vacations for me = weight gain. I was gone for 1.5 weeks and slacked a bit on the eating plan and snacked more that I would have liked, but I did manage to get a workout in every day except for 2. It helped that I was vacationing with my mom, who is also doing the challenge. Five thirty am or 9 pm workouts became our norm – you do what you have to do while vacationing with 3 kiddos under the age of 6.  Much to my amazement, I came home and found that I’d lost .25” and only gained .4 lbs. Even though it was a gain, it could have been so much worse. The final three weeks were filled with anxiety about trying to keep the inches off. Since I lost so much initially and was practically at my goal at the half way point, I had this fear that I’d meet the goal and the inches would begin to climb back up. This was not the case. Although I slacked a bit more on the diet and also let myself have dark chocolate daily (my weakness), I continued to work out daily with the schedule above – also adding in Awesome Legs almost every day. In addition to diet, walking and the T-Tapp exercises, the only other additions I did throughout the challenge were dry brushing most days and 4 to 6 of the alfalfa tablets daily. The alfalfa really seems to help this hypothyroid girl with water weight gain.

In closing, I’d like to thank Teresa for creating T-tapp. It really is a lifesaver for those of us with autoimmune conditions. Teresa and her staff for hosting the challenge – it’s the kick in the rear that I needed. And Renee McLaughlin, a T-Tapp Master Trainer, for her forums and technique videos. They made a huge difference with my form and helped greatly with my over 18 inch loss, and 7 lb loss. I’m actually sad to see the challenge come to an end. I’ve met my goals – looser clothes, less back fat, leaner frame. I’m also loving my toned arms. Truth be told, I’m semi afraid that I’ll regress, but hopefully my looser fitting clothes will be enough hold myself accountable.