Amy B.


Pecs 2.5
Bust/Chest 1.25
Ribs 1
Waist 2
Abs 4.25
Hips 2.5
Right Upper Thigh 0.75
Left Upper Thigh 0.75
Right Lower Thigh 0
Left Lower Thigh 0
Right Calf 0.5
Left Calf 0.5
Right Upper Arm 1.5
Left Upper Arm 1
Total Inches Lost: 18.5


I am always amazed what 60 days of T-Tapp can do to my body! Stretching the fascia was the goal of this year’s challenge. I primarily did the Fascia Fitness workout during the week (3 times) and would do Brain Body Floor and Tempo Arms on some weekends. I entered the fascia blaster category, but only did 5 minute blasts in the shower, working primarily on my arms and tops of thighs about 3 times a week. I also tried to be more consistent in my body brushing.

Midway through the challenge I mentioned to Teresa that I was never able to lose much in my arms. Be careful what you wish! She helped me find my triceps AND keep them activated throughout the entire workout and even invented a segment named “Amy’s arms.” I started doing this segment (almost) every day since mid March. My arms are screaming through the arm segment, but I was shocked and happy to see that I lost 1.5 inches in one arms and 1 inch in the other. My arms are smaller than they have ever been and I can’t wait to see what they will be in another couple of months!

The fascia fitness workouts are awesome and I love how they helped whittle my middle. The fascia blaster is aiding in helping break down my fascia bound thighs. I can fee the fascia in my arms is looser also. I think the extra emphasis on “ankles out” helped me lose .5 inch in my lower calves (another area that I don’t usually lose much in).

Life got in the way during the last couple of weeks of the challenge as I got bronchitis and had to skip a week. My birthday was also during the last week. Thankfully for T-Tapp I could have my birthday cupcakes and eat them, too! Yes, you can!

Thanks, Teresa for creating this excellent workout and for listening when I made the side comment, “I wish I could do something about my arms!” (You not only have a generous heart, but great ears! My arms will thank you once they recover!)

I am very excited that I lost 19 inches! T-Tapp really works!