Amy W.

OVER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 3
Bust/Chest 0.875
Ribs 0.375
Waist 2.25
Abs 1.25
Hips 2.875
Right Upper Thigh 0
Left Upper Thigh 0.375
Right Lower Thigh 0.75
Left Lower Thigh 0.75
Right Calf 0.125
Left Calf 0.25
Right Upper Arm 0.375
Left Upper Arm 0.875
Total Inches Lost: 14.125


Essay:  After this 60-day Challenge, I have a new favorite workout – Step Away the Inches! When Teresa announced a two-week walking workout challenge to kick things off, I decided to use SATI and combine it with walking on my treadmill. I’ve owned SATI for a couple of years and already knew the moves. It was easy to adapt SATI to the treadmill. I did the arm moves at my stepping pace instead of trying to match Teresa’s stepping pace, in order to be safe on the moving machine. When Teresa changed her footwork (for example, the side lunges or the three-steps-and-knee-up move), I would either just keep stepping forward, or I would step off the treadmill and do the footwork next to the machine. In the 20 minutes or so it would take to do the SATI, I could walk a little over a mile and get about 2,200 steps in. During the rest of the day, I tried to walk enough to get 10,000 steps in total.

During the two-week challenge, I wasn’t able to be consistent – I caught a bad cold four days in and only ended up doing SATI a total of four times. But in just those four workouts, I was starting to feel leaner and stronger. I felt my posture improved as I remembered to keep a good T-Tapp stance whenever I stood or walked. But my measurements were a disappointment: I had lost a tiny bit in my torso and lower thighs but gained everywhere else, for a total inch gain of more than 3 inches! I wasn’t even going to send in my 2-week results, but when I looked at the pictures, they told a different story. Especially from the back and side views, you could definitely see that I had whittled my muffin top and decreased my back fat — both the fluff by my armpits and the roll below the bra strap.

With the rest of the Challenge ahead of me, I decided to just stay with SATI and see how well I could do. Although I caught yet another cold in mid-March, I stayed pretty consistent with 4-5 workouts a week. As I got stronger, I added 2.5-lb. ankle weights to simulate the weighted shoes Teresa wears, and set the treadmill at an incline, which I felt helped me maintain my tuck. This turned SATI into a turbo-charged cardio workout, and I love it.

As for my diet, I started in January to follow the God-made/man-made diet and eat clean more often than not. Most days I start with a protein smoothie packed with fresh greens, and the rest of the day I emphasize healthy protein, fruits and vegetables, and try to eliminate or limit sugar and empty carbs. I take Teresa’s alfalfa in the morning and at bedtime, along with AminoSculpt and other healthy supplements and good fats. I do allow myself about two cheat days a week and the occasional glass of red wine with dinner, but I keep it under control. I was also diligent in dry-brushing every day.

At the end of the 60 days, I was shocked to find I had lost 17.25 inches! I think this is my best Challenge result ever, and all the more exciting given that I had gained inches during the 2-week walking challenge. I lost 3.25” in my above-bust measurement, 2.5” in my waist, 1.625” in my abs, and 2.625” in my hips. I was really amazed when I compared my before and after photos. From the back view, my muffin top and bra roll have almost disappeared and what you see instead is a strong, lean back and v-shaped shoulders. Wow! To say that I’m happy with the results is a huge understatement. I have much more natural energy and I’m sleeping better, too.

If you remember my story, I entered the 2013 Challenge after surviving a brain hemorrhage and while struggling with hot flashes, Graves disease, and high cholesterol. Today, I’m delighted to say that for the second year running, my health is restored enough that I didn’t need to enter a “health challenges” category! I’m off of all medication except for Synthroid, and if I could find a local doctor who supports Mary Shomon’s thyroid protocols, I might be off of that med someday, too! It feels amazing, and I owe so much of it to T-Tapping and the healthy habits I’ve learned from Teresa.

Starting today, my goal is to remain consistent with my new SATI habit and continue to grow stronger, leaner, and more vibrant. My 40th high school reunion is in September and I’m motivated to go there looking GOOOOOOD! Thank you, Teresa!