Chantelle W.

UNDER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 3
Bust/Chest 4
Ribs 2.5
Waist 9.5
Abs 4
Hips 2.5
Right Upper Thigh 1
Left Upper Thigh 1.25
Right Lower Thigh 1.5
Left Lower Thigh 1.5
Right Calf 0.75
Left Calf 0.5
Right Upper Arm 0.5
Left Upper Arm 0.5
Total Inches Lost: 33


Essay:  I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have had a very slow metabolism. I have even been to see an endocrinologist. Not a single doctor has been able to tell me why I’ve had to take long naps, nearly daily since at least high school that I can remember. I have been bullied and called fat since Elementary School and since I turned 25, my metabolism had slowed even more and I had put on enough extra pounds that I was no longer comfortable in my own skin. I had tried so hard with minimal results and often cried when I looked in the mirror. I wanted to be able to be healthy and love myself again. After the 60 Day T-Tapp Challenge, for the first time in over a decade, I no longer need to take naps everyday, I fit in to cloths that I have not fit since high school, I weigh less than I have since I was a freshman in college, and I can say that I love myself again. I am so thankful for T-Tapp. I am looking forward to a renewed life!