22W, 20W, 18W, 16W, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6…When I began T-Tapping, I would never have believed for one moment that one year later I could fit into size 8 pants – let alone ever a 6 or even a 4. A size 14 was my goal when I got started. When I had my skeletal set point done (sorry, the T-Tapp office no longer offers this service), Lauren told me that my target was a size 10, but there was a chance I could get to an 8. I thought, “yeah, right,” but lo and behold, here I am in a size 4 or 6!

If you think I’m a Super Tapper who works out all the time, please excuse me while I laugh hysterically and wipe the tears from my eyes. I have 12 children ages 3 – 27 (btw–all my babies were between 7 lbs 11 oz and 11 lbs 10 oz when they were born) and I am SO average and SO not athletic…which makes T-Tapp all the more amazing. I feel like Cinderella! After I won the 60-Day Challenge in 2007, I only did short workouts for several months because of the holidays and an unusual number of winter illnesses for my family and me, but I continued to lose inches and sizes. If I had just lost weight and not done T-Tapp, I think that I would have been thinner, but still lumpy and flabby with far more loose skin. I also think that with my history of being overweight for 25 years and having 12 babies, I would be wearing a size 12 now instead of a 6 or 4. I’ve lost two shoe sizes and gained an inch in height (which, by the way, is not so exciting since I’m now 5’11” and my husband is 5’6″!).

I had plenty of plateaus and frustrating moments, but I just kept T-Tapping and believing that change was just around the corner. If I can do this, so can you! And yes, I’m committed to permanent change and want to T-Tapp for the rest of my life. I’ve continued to do 3-4 short workouts per week and I slowly lost inches through 2007 and 2008 to the point I’m at now – I’m tellin’ ya, ANYBODY can fit that in – even you! My success is directly related to the power of T-Tapp for an average person. As I lost sizes I was surprised to find that I weighed more than I did the last time I wore that size. For instance, when I was 26 I wore a size 10 and weighed 158. At age 49 I was in a size 10 when I weighed 180 pounds! It was great that T-Tapp helped me look shapely and firm AS I lost weight, not just after.

I really don’t have any loose, hanging skin, which is absolutely amazing considering I’m 49 and was overweight for many years. I have skin brushed (CRT Kit) from the beginning, done occasional salt baths (clear aloe vera gel afterwards), and taken alfalfa sporadically. When I upped the alfalfa to 9 per day I did see a noticeable difference in my facial skin so I’m thinking, uh, why didn’t I take that much all along?

I want to thank Teresa Tapp for this life-changing, body-transforming workout. I consider myself a confident and fairly articulate person, but when I met Teresa at Safety Harbor she probably thought I was an idiot because I was so tongue-tied and awestruck around her. She’s the real deal, folks. I watched her answer questions and coach people for many hours every day and she was always gracious and kind (but don’t think you’ll escape her watchful eye!). I feel so fortunate and blessed to have found The World’s Best Workout on my first try.

Finally, I want to thank God for His guidance and truth in leading me to T-Tapp and for showing me that I was using food to satisfy my emotional and spiritual needs. I couldn’t have done it without Him or the support and encouragement of my husband, children, and all of you fellow T-Tappers on the forum board and the trainers who help us all!

My “basic story” is T-Tapp, learning to feel when I was full*, more T-Tapp, and being consistent with T-Tapp. Notice I didn’t say going overboard with T-Tapp, obsessing over T-Tapp, doing nothing else in life but T-Tapp. Less is More and yes, I have worked HARD and pushed myself to my max, but I had many, many weeks of 3-4 BWO+’s.

Over 119″ and Over 100 lbs. GONE in 2007!
Currently over 132” and 115 pounds STILL gone in 2009!
5’11” Combo

* I did not change my diet or starve myself in any way while I was losing weight. In fact I lost my first 20 lbs without changing my eating habits at all. Instead, I learned to recognize the boundaries of hunger and fullness and I did start to make healthier choices because I wanted to; but I never denied myself anything because I was on a “diet.” I also didn’t realize how often I was eating to meet an emotional need instead of physical hunger; I’m grateful for the awareness and for the journey that recognition has brought me.

Here are a few other tips to share that I think helped me:

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Go to YOUR personal max. It took me many weeks to work up to doing the whole TWO (with extra water breaks), and eight MONTHS to get through SATI with no water breaks. It may take you longer…or not. I took a day or two (or three) off when I needed it and tried to listen to my body.

Don’t be too easy on yourself. When you don’t feel like working out, as trainer Michelle said, tell yourself “Thank you for sharing” and start lacing up your shoes. Results come from many small choices to work out (or sit on the couch). I put up with some soreness for several months when I began tapping because I believed so many things were changing inside my body that I needed to tough it out.

Write it down. From the first day I kept records on printed calendar pages from printfree.com and wrote down workouts and brushing after I did them, or penciled in a plan and wrote over it in ink when completed. I printed the measurement chart from the book and filled it in, and kept a T-Tapp notebook with form tips, encouraging posts, and workout schedule ideas.

Set goals. I started out by setting two “event” goals – two of my children’s weddings – and continue to set “event” goals as things come up. I wrote these down and put them in the front of my notebook where I would see them often. I didn’t always reach the size or weight goal by the event, but I kept the list and still checked it off when I did reach it for that sense of accomplishment and celebration!

Don’t stay discouraged. Of course you’ll occasionally get discouraged, just don’t live in discouragement. I had to stop brushing in front of a mirror so I wouldn’t despair at my appearance. I got stuck at size 18W for THREE MONTHS even though I worked out consistently. I was not in the size I had hoped by either wedding, but I kept T-Tapping. And now I’m way smaller than either of those goals, but I wouldn’t be if I had given up in discouragement.

I especially want to encourage More to Lose T-Tappers – Yes, You Can! Time would have passed by no matter what I did, but it was the little day-by-day, moment-by-moment, workout-by-workout choices I made that added up to big changes, not some huge, one-time life-changing event. No magic pill, no easy solution – just baby steps and a fundamental shift in thinking about exercise and eating.

I was one of the category winners from the 2007 60-Day Challenge in More to Lose category and winner of the Less to Lose category in 2008! Hmmmm, we’ll see what 2009 brings!