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  • Lost 150 lbs. with T-Tapp
  • Went from size 22/24 to Size 6/8
  • Has kept off the weight for 10+ years
  • T-Tapp helped her put her MS into remission

Heather P.

I met Teresa Tapp when I was 29.  I had weighed 300 pounds at 5’10 and lost a great amount of weight , around 130 pounds.  I was stuck in a size 12, which was fantastic because I had reached a women’s U.S. clothing size 28, but  I not only had every tell tale sign of having been an obese person, pot belly and overhang at the inguinal fold, large thighs & upper arms, back pudge, armpit pudge, and knee knocker fat and my fanny wouldn’t get off the back of my legs!

What was worse, my body reached that 2 year point, that no matter what I ate, or more accurately didn’t eat, no matter how many hours a day, and I was exercising 4 hours a day, or how many times I switched up my exercise routine so my metabolism wouldn’t become accustomed to the exercise I was doing, I was putting weight back on!  I even remember a few days before reading about Teresa Tapp’s T-Tapp Method, crying because my thighs had gotten so big I couldn’t fit them into jeans.  I was losing the weight battle and I was desperate!

I ordered Teresa’s DVD’s a scoured her website for newsletters and took in all the information I possibly could.  When the DVD’s arrived I was ready to start! The first 5 minutes of the workout my low back pain was GONE! I have scoliosis and degenerative breakdown in my low back at L3-L5, yes at the age of 29! The 4 hours a day of traditional exercise was NOT helping and weight training was making it worse, I even collapsed on the floor the morning after doing squats with 250 pounds, because I was trying to get my hips smaller and my fanny lifted.   Neither was happening.  I was sold after that first day of doing T-Tapp.

I quit all the other exercise I was doing and focused on a T-Tapp Boot camp.

Within 4 weeks I lost 18 inches and my jeans fit again, but what was better, is that the pot belly and overhanging skin at the inguinal fold was lifting! All the pudgy saggy areas I had left over from weight loss were lifting and melting away.   In a few short months I was in a size 6! Wow!


Heather Before and After Pictures


15 years later I am now 44 years old, my children who were only 2 and 6 when I started T-Tapp are now grown and I am still a “T-Tapper”.  Teresa’s genius program has been with me through all of life’s ups and downs.

Now after owning my own Holistic Studio I am a second career nursing student while working part time.  I have control over my body and am aging gracefully with Teresa’s anti-inflammatory workout.  And my skin looks amazing! I love it when I tell people my age and they are literally SHOCKED!

Heather in June 2016Sometimes I just tell people so I can see their reaction, it’s awesome! Then I’ll throw in I have two grown children and they really can’t believe it, it’s great!

But you have to know that Teresa Tapp’s workout is more than a workout or weight or a clothing size.  It’s health from the inside out.  Not just that I was able to manage low back pain with T-Tapp, or that daily pain I had in my knees was gone.  It’s because when I started T-Tapp I was in a full blown Multiple Sclerosis attack.

I had been informally diagnosed with Progressive MS when I was 27.  I had horrific symptoms every day for 2 years, but those symptoms subsided within that first month of doing Teresa’s program and a few short months later, I had regained the short term and long term memory I had lost from that MS attack.  And just recently I had a pinched disk in my neck at c4-c5.

Too much sitting at my computer doing school work and not enough T-Tapp I guess.

I got a hold of Teresa on her 10 News Live FB feed and asked her what I should do and I got too it.  In 3 day’s the horrible pain I was having inside my left shoulder blade and down my left arm was gone!  1 month later and again I am PAIN FREE.

Once again, I was able to help my body help it’s self doing Teresa’s workout.

Seriously I could go on and on about how Teresa Tapp has changed my life!

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