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  • Lost 75 lbs. and 95″
  • Went from size 16 to Size 4
  • Flat Stomach after 5 kids, without saggy skin
  • Featured in First for Women bikini shoot, just shy of 55!

Linda O.

Wow! What a multi-faceted journey T-Tapp has been for me. I started off with hypothyroidism w/antibodies (auto-immunity), adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression, excess weight that wouldn’t budge (regardless of healthy eating), inability to continue with traditional exercise, GI issues, heavy metal toxicity, systemic inflammation, what felt like the disruption of basically every hormone my body owned, a whole slew of unfavorable genetic issues, and an overwhelming sense of despair. What I got blessed with in return from applying T-Tapp principles, along with holistic health strategies, was a “me-sized” body, improved posture, better overall internal organ and gland function and digestive health, greater hormonal and mood regulation, more efficient and effective lymphatic flow and detoxification, decreased inflammation, increased energy, and a much brighter outlook on life! I see health and fitness as a journey and the body as something to be nurtured. I’m consistently pursuing the lifelong path towards my best, most vibrant self. And my goal is to take what I’ve learned and guide special people, just like you, to your better selves, right along with me. Oh yes, YOU CAN get there!

Linda Before and After Pictures

Are you feeling discouraged? I totally understand. By my late 30’s my body was showing signs of great hormonal stress, and by my late 40’s, I was a thyroid patient with auto-immune antibodies, fatigued, depressed, and convinced that I would never be able to exercise again. You see, what I knew as “exercise” was all wrong for my health and my body. I went to the gym religiously at least 3 times a week, which meant doing the aerobic machines for 30 minutes, the entire round of weight equipment (with “heavy” weights) for another 30-45 minutes, and then swimming for another hour. I would exercise at home even more, in between times. I was no wimp! But I was not wise. And despite a considerably healthy diet, the weight kept pouring on.

When I was introduced to T-Tapp, it renewed my hope and my strength, literally. I had finally found a holistic health and fitness program that would allow me to “exercise to live,” and not “live to exercise.” T-Tapp principles helped me understand how to work with my body, instead of against it. And the mindful, lymphatic movement produced amazing results for me and promoted greater health in a variety of unexpected ways! What a God-send it has been for me and my family.


I love that T-Tapp also promotes functional fitness, and this is one of my favorite things to teach! I can personalize and show you how to incorporate these healthy practices into your specific daily routines, while driving, walking, working on the computer, doing cooking or housework, or just about anything else that you do. I have become especially conscious of proper body alignment and muscle activation since becoming a Master T-Tapp Trainer. The knowledge imparted to me was invaluable, and I love teaching others how they can improve their lives and become happier and healthier, as well.

My goal is to continue my life’s journey healthy and strong…with all of the knowledge and wisdom required to get me to the next level of wellness and vibrancy. I love to learn everything about health and the human body and am aggressively moving forward in my continuing education. I enjoy observing patterns and exploring complex cases to uncover the hidden roots to various health mysteries, one puzzle piece at a time, as I’ve had to do with my own chronic conditions. We are integrated beings, and I like to look at one’s whole self for best results.

With Brian
In addition to being a certified Master T-Tapp Trainer and mother of five children, I am a certified ISSA Fitness Instructor, I am also a certified Functional Health Coach through IFHC. You can find out more about me on the T-Tapp Trainer Page, and at my website www.fitmehealthy.com/about , or by emailing me at linda@fitmehealthy.com.

And don’t forget to read the First for Women article and check out my before (gasp) and after (surprise bikini) photos! I’m telling you, anything is possible with T-Tapp and some guidance!!!

I would love the opportunity to serve you through the T-Tapp Events Page. If you’re not sure where to start, want to learn more about how I can help you on your overall wellness journey, or you just need an affirming nudge of support and encouragement that you can do this, I would love to meet with you online for a free 15 minute, holistic Body ShapeUp Strategy Session that you can book here.

Wherever you are in your health and fitness journey, always remember that you are not alone. There is help and there is hope. Reach out to me and get started today on your path to greater wellness, the wise, safe, and effective T-Tapp way.

Be blessed,


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