Lisa has lost over 100 lbs without loose skin over 10 years ago. She did it with T-Tapp workouts and CRT body brushing but did not use the CRT supplements because of her allergies.

Proof that CRT body brushing pattern provides exercise for your skin so it can tighten and tone even without supplements!  However, in the beginning, Lisa usually brushed twice a day instead of once and sometimes even more. However, once your skin tightens it is easier to maintain it with brushing once a day.

Consistency is the secret to success!

I think Lisa looks great in her shorts – it’s hard to believe that she has 3 grandchildren too!

So take time to take care of your body… bend-it, tuck-it, lift-it and brush-brush-brush…

It’s never too late! With T-Tapp it IS possible to build muscles with density while you lose inches and weight so your metabolism gets better, not worse, AND your skin can tighten and tone.