Grand Prize Winner: Under 50, Less to Lose

These pictures are from my second T-Tapp Challenge and are just another “snapshot” into my T-Tapp journey. I have been consistently doing T-Tapp for a little over two years.

During this challenge we ended up selling our home and moving to a new area 4.5 hours away…..needless to say, it was challenging to fit in my workout! During the intense time of packing and cleaning I was unable to fit in my T-Tapp workout for 10 days-the longest I have ever gone without T-Tapping! My mind and my body craved it!

Even though I couldn’t fit in the official workout, I focused on maintaining T-Tapp principles while packing, climbing stairs, lifting, cleaning, etc., so I would fit in fitness into my daily activities! As soon as I was able, I started my workouts again, even if all I could fit in to my day was BWO+.

During all the painting and climbing ladders that I did to get our home ready to sell, I really experienced how rehabilitated my knees had become! In the past I would not have been able to do all I did without my knees swelling, and being in pain. I was able to “feel” how much stronger I had become while doing those activities that aren’t part of my normal daily routine. I also had greater stamina, flexibility, and energy.

I continue to experience so many benefits from doing T-Tapp consistently -hormone balance, no more Raynaud’s symptoms, improved PMS, and functional fitness in ALL of my everyday activities.

It always amazes me how Senior Fit Tempo can improve my mood in those 47 minutes and really take away puffiness….and it helps me stay so much healthier too! All these benefits have made such a difference in how I feel and function, I just want to keep going because I don’t want to lose that! I also want to find out what happens if I refuse to quit!! Like I said at the retreat last year, “I’m a T-Tapp lifer”! Who knows….maybe even becoming a trainer is in my future someday!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, Teresa, for sharing the gift of T-Tapp-I love it!

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Right Upper Thigh
Left Upper Thigh
Right Lower Thigh
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Right Calf
Left Calf
Right Upper Arm
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