“I’ve only seen Teresa one time, but was instantly drawn to her message and workout plan. As a peak performance expert and certified personal fitness trainer, I’m naturally skeptical of exercise programs that break away from the tried and true. But Teresa backs up her claims with research and compelling real-life success stories. She’s definitely worth a look!”

Kim Goad
President, Ovations,Inc

“My core philosophy is that we don’t have to be different people; we have only to be more completely who we are. Every diet/exercise/fitness program I encountered before Teresa Tapp told me I needed to be someone different from who I am. Teresa is 180 degrees out from all that stuff. Her approach is based on what it is like to be a real human being; it’s about being our best selves with whatever hips, thighs, muscles, bones we have. She knows that we have only to be our real physical selves to be healthy and content. Her approach is based upon sound science and her own realistic search for a healthy body and it fits into anybody’s schedule. She walks her walk, and is generous about sharing what she knows. A very special woman with a very special approach to physical fitness and nutrition.”

Ann Kirby
EnnCourage, Inc.

“I saw Teresa Tapp when she was in Baltimore recently and was so impressed I ordered her tapes. I was so impressed that I went along on the interview my writer did with her the next day for Maryland Woman Magazine (February 2003 cover story), where we spent 3 hours talking to her. She is such a nice, approachable person who is really interested in getting people healthy. She also helped me by giving me some personal advice on my own health issues. I can’t wait until she comes back to town on March 8th & 9th for the CCBC Catonsville’s Women’s Expo.”

Wendy Armstrong
Publisher/Editor of Maryland Woman Magazine

“Thanks for inviting me to the T-Tapp seminar last week. Teresa was dynamic and her exercise program very interesting. It makes sense to build a program on the principals of physical therapy. She’s terrifically personable and knowledgeable and I am looking forward to learning more at the Women’s Expo in March.”

Lynn Zwerling
Internet Manager, MileOne.com

“I have always had a large waist and thick midsection even at my thinnest. Teresa Tapp helped me understand that because I am relatively short from my waist up there is less room for my intestines to flatten out. This explanation has helped me to understand why I have this body shape and taken away “self blame”. I have done the basic workout 4 times now and I have been doing the basic back stretch daily.. It’s too soon to see any change in my body but I feel a change. I have always had a lot of muscle tension and I notice that my hips aren’t hurting anymore (I have had bursitis in my hips).
Nancy Goldblatt
Professional Image Consultant, Wardrobe Wizard

“There are just no words to describe how much I enjoyed that interview with Teresa! She is a truly fascinating person. Very kind, giving, down to earth, and SO interesting.

Teresa gave me a set of the workout videos and the body brushing system. I felt like I’d won a million dollars! I can’t wait to get started on the system and told her to look for a lot less inches of me in March! I can’t tell you how much better I feel after talking to her. There is a real REASON I have been unable to lose weight for so many years.

I was in my car on Monday night and had tears in my eyes thinking of that girl (one of the T-Tapp certified trainers) who had gone from a size 30 to a size 12, and how happy she looked. How proud she must be of herself and her success. Yesterday, after the interview, I was practically in tears again, because I finally feel like I have hope and that I will be able to lose weight this time.”

Donna Hiltz
Sales/Marketing Consultant, Maryland Woman Magazine

“This morning I was thinking about T-Tapp. Well, actually I’ve been thinking about her constantly since I met her. It seems I haven’t stopped thinking about doing it the T-Tapp way since I left the Sheraton on Monday. After seeing and listening to Teresa Tapp, and following up with some of her literature, doing it the T-Tapp way is all I think about. I am still doing some of the exercises that I learned that evening. What she explains makes sense and what you feel when you do the exercises feels right. I have been sharing Teresa’s information with all my friends and showing them some of the exercises. I can’t wait to get results. I look so forward to getting into one of her workshops when she comes to the Expo.”

Patsy Anderson
Promoter, CCBC-Catonsville’s Women’s Expo 2003

“Teresa Tapp and her program are truly impressive! This exercise program is unique because of its complex physiologic basis. The routines are designed to help those who want to lose weight, reshape, prevent osteoporosis, increase flexibility and decrease pain with arthritis, balance glucose metabolism and increase cardiovascular health for people of all ages!!! An easy and fun way to look and feel better!”

Barbara Hanley

I found Teresa Tapp an outstanding instructor. Teresa’s education, experience, and research provide solid testimony to the exercise method she has developed. Bottom line, it works and provides an exercise program that is adaptable and user friendly.”

Linda Anders
Director of Natural Healing Wellness Centers

“I attended the Teresa Tapp seminar, because I really wanted to support my friend who invited me. Exercise is not one of my passions, to say the least. But now, I’m very happy I went. This program is something I can do, not just to firm up, lose some weight and get in shape, but also to get healthy and stay healthy. The T-Tapp program offers incredible health benefits and everyone should know about it. The exercises are exiting and easy to do at home and don’t take up a lot of my time. In just two weeks I have noticed that I not only look better, but feel better than ever. Thank you, Ann and Teresa for being dedicated to showing others the way to wellness.”

Ella Pritsker, Custom Couture Designer
Ella Moda, Inc.

“I started using the body brush on 1/7 and also started doing the T-Tapp Plus workout on 1/7. I noticed a difference in 6 days. I had a little cellulite on the outside of my legs, which has virtually disappeared and the workout has taken place of me running outside in this cold weather. I usually do the workout at night but one morning, I did it and boy, was I “sweating” in about 5 minutes. I have felt a difference in my whole body being much tighter! I have to say I really look forward to doing the workout and body brushing, which is a first for me. Even though I am disciplined in my workouts, I very rarely look forward to them.

I think, mentally, it is great, as you only have to commit 15 minutes to the workout and 5 minutes to the brushing. With all of our busy schedules, that is refreshing. By the way, my pants are loose on me after 1 week. And, I am not really changing my diet. Go figure! This is the first time I have done something for a short period of time and gained so many results. What Teresa said at the seminar finally clicked with me and made sense. I have been looking for someone to solve these problems for years.

I’m glad I finally found a solution! I have told several people about Teresa and have highly recommended getting her tapes. I will let people know about the upcoming seminars.”

Robin Busch