60 Day Challenge
Winner: More to Lose Category

Charity Harris

I am an African American female, 63 years old. I am 5í 7 Ĺ Ē tall with osteoporosis, diabetes, osteoarthritis in the knees, fibromyalgia, and plus too much fat. (Weigh about 236 lbs. now Ė down about 32 lbs since being diagnosed with diabetes in August 2003.)

I was introduced to T-Tapp through Nikken in the early spring of 2002. Started the workouts but stopped after about 3 months because of a shoulder injury (lifting weights). I returned to T-Tapp during the fall of 2003, but got serious in February 2004.

When the contest started, I was already in a bootcamp using the T-Tapp to Tempo tape and/or the Beginner/Rehab. I went on to do the Model Blitz which meant I did PBS twice a day along with the other moves required for the blitz. I think PBS twice a day accounted for my blood glucose level dropping since I had consistently done hoe downs for the past year and didnít have noticeable changes in my blood glucose. After the blitz ended, I also did the More tape occasionally and even attended a clinic with Kiona Leah on August 21st.

During the last two weeks of the contest, I had a fairly severe fibromyalgia attack and had to see my chiropractor. However, I did do PBS, BWO+, and the More tape and was surprised by the fact that I didnít hurt while doing them other than discomfort while turning my neck.

Health Improvements:

Cholesterol reading prior to contest: 230
Cholesterol reading at the end: 218
Dropped 12 points

Triglycerides prior to contest: 112
Triglycerides at the end: 87
Dropped 25 points

Blood Glucose Average (4/26-6/25): 102.68
Blood Glucose Average (6/26-8/25): 96.72
Change of 6.96

Knees are definitely improved although I have no way to document that.




- 1/2


- 1/2


-1 1/2


- 3/4

Right Upper Thigh:


Right Lower Thigh:

-1 1/2

Left Upper Thigh:

- 1/4

Left Lower Thigh:

-1 1/2

Right Calf:

- 3/4

Left Calf:

- 3/4

Right Arm:

- 1/2

Left Arm:

- 1/2