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Download 7 live video clips of T-Tapp exercises for free! Four different exercises available under article section - Trim Torso, Flatten Stomach, Slim thighs and Diva Derriere. Detailed instructions with photos.

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Fitness & Fun
Teresa Tapp really wanted to reach out to the schools and get everyone involved, including the teachers.  Well, it worked!  In 2008 T-Tapp hosted Hoe Down Showdowns at two schools in Florida; Pineview Elementary and Sunray Elementary.  Everyone got involved, had fun and did a bunch of Hoe Downs!

What's a "Hoe Down Showdown"?
First of all, Hoe Downs is a 3-minute T-Tapp exercise that delivers BIG results!  For TappCore, Hoe Downs is used to activate the left/right brain and mind to body aspects of T-Tapp, as well as to build healthy hearts.  Hoe Downs brings mental clarity, boosts mood, burns off excess blood sugar and energizes the body.  Less than 4 square feet of space is needed for Hoe Downs and they can be done just about anywhere.  Great for use before and during class time to increase attention and improve concentration.  Teachers have reported increased test scores after they incorporated Hoe Downs in the classroom!

During a Hoe Down Showdown students do as many sets of Hoe Downs as they can.  When they can't do any more or lose their form, the students sit down in their place while the others keep going.  Prizes for the first two Hoe Down Showdowns included TappCore t-shirts and pizza parties for the winner's classrooms.

Click here to watch the Hoe Downs video clip.


Pine View Elementary Hoe Down Showdown: May 1, 2008
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Sunray Elementary Hoe Down Showdown: November 18, 2008
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