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How to Become a Certified T-Tapp Trainer

T-Tapp is growing! With this growth the demand for Certified T-Tapp Trainers has increased BUT we won't sacrifice quality of instruction. In fact, we want to assure that when receiving advice you are getting it from our Certified T-Tapp Trainers.

Here are some of the basic requirements to be a Trainer:

T-Tapping Requirement
To be accepted into the Mentoring Program it is required that you have owned the Total Workout and have consistently T-Tapped for at least 6 months. If you have not owned your workout for 6 months, you will be asked to resubmit your resume at another time. If you feel you are able to bypass this rule, there is an option available which allows potential T-Tapp Trainers-in-Training to send a video of themselves doing the Total Workout for Teresa Tapp to review for a fee.

Email a chronological resume including past job history along with a letter of intent to Lauren at lauren@t-tapp.com. No fitness background is necessary. People from all ages, walks of life and fitness levels butterfly from a Trainer-in-Training into a Certified T-Tapp Trainer with our wonderful Mentoring Program. If you do not have a professional background just include that information in the email.

Letter of Intent
The letter of intent should be a separate letter explaining why you want to be a T-Tapp Trainer. Please keep letters of intent to a paragraph or shorter.

Once these steps have been completed then you will be sent a detailed letter with the next step.


Additional Steps you will be expected to complete:

Personal Trainer Certification
Teresa requires all of her T-Tapp Trainers to be certified by a nationally recognized certification company, such as ACE or IFPA. This part of the certification is an at-home study program where you test with one of these individual companies, which takes about 3 months to complete, and will teach the basics about the body, bones, muscles and how everything works together with fitness. However, you are more than welcome to work on the other requirements for becoming T-Tapp Certified while you are working on your Personal Trainer Certification.

What you need to purchase from T-Tapp
Teresa also requires all of her Trainers-in-Training to own all workouts and Target Pops pertaining to the certification that they are trying for. An outlined list is provided in the next step letter and not before. There is a wholesale/retail program available called StairStep allowing a deeper discount on all T-Tapp products. Contact Lauren at lauren@t-tapp.com for more information.

Mentoring Program
Our Mentoring Program was created by Certified T-Tapp Trainers who have been where you will start. Michelle Barbuto and Renee McLaughlin are the official T-Tapp Mentors that are there to help each new "Mento" learn what they need to know to become a great T-Tapp Trainer. You cannot become a T-Tapp Trainer until you have completed mentoring. Each Mentoring course takes about 8 weeks to complete. More information and costs are to be included in the next step letter.

Final Certification
To become a Certified T-Tapp Trainer you must attend a T-Tapp Trainer Certification Retreat in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida in front of Teresa Tapp herself. At final certification Teresa will have you teach a class (provided for you).

There are many other details involved, but these are the main points that will be required of you as a T-Tapp Trainer.


T-Tapp is more than a workout - a lot of depth is involved with correct physiological technique. That's why the T-Tapp staff offers free assistance to answer questions via email or toll free phone. However, ONLY Certified T-Tapp Trainers are allowed to host fitness events, seminars, or offer one-on-one advice for a fee.

T-Tapp is designed as a complete, at-home fitness program but attending fitness events and having training sessions with Certified T-Tapp Trainers can, and do, take you to a new level of awareness/perfection with even greater results. T-Tapper's helping other T-Tapper's is OK - in fact, we think it is fabulous... but when money is charged, one must be certified or it becomes a legal violation of copyright.

Introducing the Certified T-Tapp Trainers!

To find T-Tapp events in your area please visit the Upcoming Events section.

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