Teresa Tapp“Treat your body as a machine!”

This is the mantra of fitness expert Teresa Tapp, an exercise physiologist, nutritional counselor and savvy businesswoman.

Teresa knows how a woman’s body works-especially women over the age of 30. For the past 24 years, she has been chronicling her personal experience and collecting data from hundreds of female clients, developing exciting new insights on women’s health and fitness. Teresa has discovered important connections between nutritional needs and a woman’s biochemistry, specifically blood type, genetics, body type and chronological age.

In the past, this dynamic personal and rehabilitative trainer worked exclusively with professional models in the glamorous fashion industry. Now she is passionate about sharing her valuable expertise with women of all ages. Teresa is living proof that, at age 48, your body can be a lean, well-tuned, balanced machine, without spending hours at the gym.

Many of Teresa’s clients, at age 50+, have better “machines” than they did in the 30s.


The History of Teresa Tapp

Teresa has always had an ardent interest in health and fitness, specializing in Exercise Physiology, Public Health and Nutrition during college, and ultimately writing her research thesis on “Metabolisms in Women Over the Age of 30.” Her original plan was to pursue a medical degree; however, tuition money was tight and the fashion industry came calling. Having done catalog modeling herself, Teresa already had a good feel for what the photographers were seeking. She also had the uncanny ability to look at a 14 year old girl and predict where she was going to gain weight and what she would look like six years in the future. This aptitude, combined with her physiology background, enabled Teresa to take gawky, immature teens and turn them into moneymaking models. Plunging into the fashion world as a “scout” for the prestigious Ford Agency in New York, Teresa’s first discovery was a Strawberry Festival Queen from Plant City, Florida. Finding fresh talent was just the first hurdle, however. The real secret of Teresa’s success was her use of innovative methods to prepare the models – psychologically, nutritionally and physically – methods that work for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond as well.

Young teens are notoriously awkward, rarely the graceful, beautiful creatures we see splashed on the editorial pages of Vogue. Teresa nurtured these girls, making them believe they were the most gorgeous women on earth, and suddenly they walked a different walk. By coaching the entire package, the body (as a machine), mind and soul, Teresa turned out one success story after another. The result for the modeling agency? A fresh new girl who was not only model-slender but also high energy, loyal, under contract and getting precious, lucrative bookings!

Teresa began jetting around the world on the international modeling circuit, booking and training talent for catalogs, editorials and campaign contracts, all while working and living with at least eight young models at a time. “Mom T” developed many secrets for getting these young women in shape fast and keeping their energy levels high. Working in this multi-cultural environment allowed Teresa the opportunity to capitalize on her education and gather statistical information. Theories of nutritional needs for women of all ages, based on blood types and genetics, were tested among international beauties who needed to see swift results.

Of course, even model superstars don’t always start out with the gorgeous to-die-for bodies that we envy on the covers of fashion magazines. Even these incredible women need advice and ideas on improving their figures and health. Teresa knows that women’s nutritional needs are very different from those men, requiring a unique approach. She believes that females, based on their biochemical makeup, are predisposed from those of men, requiring a unique approach. She believes that females, based on their biochemical makeup, are predisposed to gain weight and produce cellulite. Teresa’s innovative theories and techniques are universally applicable to women of all races, cultures and age groups. Best of all, women don’t have to be models to implement them.

Knowing how to eat for your blood type and genetic history is 70% of the whole system. Each body is such an individual, incredible machine. It demands certain foods, and it will turn the wrong foods into fat. “People are blown away when they realize that all of those “Fat Free” products will be converted to fat if they are not what your body needs” Teresa says.

“For example, O blood types are known for having a need for meat; in fact, they can actually LOSE weight by eating red meat! Doesn’t that sound crazy after all we have heard about the evils of red meats?” But Teresa’s research as well as her personal experience (she is an O blood type) has shown that for O blood types, weight loss is actually improved with red meat versus chicken.

Along the same line, various ethnic groups have sensitivities to particular foods. For example, women of German descent will tend to store dairy products as fat, particularly in the bust, upper arms and chin. Latin and Italian women are more sensitive to carbonated beverages and their bodies respond with increased cellulite woes. A short-torso body with German genetics doesn’t seem to get cellulite, but a long-torso body with English genetics will battle it all her life. All in all, genetics play a major roll in unlocking the secret of successful weight management of the female body (machine).

Once Teresa has her clients eating for their blood type and genetic mix, her next nutritional challenge is to help them fight fatigue, due in part to hormonal and biochemical imbalances. (Modeling may not seem that strenuous to the outsider, but the days are usually a grueling 12 to 14 hours – and up to four days in a row for catalogue production.) Young teenage girls and pre-menopausal women are often hormonally imbalanced, high one day and low the next or even high and low throughout the course of one day! Typically, these chemical imbalances will send us looking for that candy bar or other carbohydrate fix. The problem is biochemical-women’s nutritional needs are unique and their hormones often contribute to the body’s imbalance.

The final piece of the healthy body puzzle is exercise. Teresa is fascinated by the American attitude toward exercise. Americans typically brag about our sweat-filled hours spent in the gym, only to be followed by a secretive splurge of Starbucks Mocha Chocolate ice cream as soon as we get home. French women have a very different philosophy about eating and exercise. The femme Francais never sneaks food – she sneaks exercise! That’s right! In fact, Teresa says “Don’t talk about working out; just do it! Also, don’t eat alone; eat in front of other people. Make it look like you can eat all you want and never exercise! Everyone will be dying to know how you keep your body in such great shape!”

This French philosophy of exercise, along with the fact that models are constantly on the go, living in hotel rooms and unable to spend hours slaving away at the gym, led this cutting edge fitness expert to develop a novel approach to working out. Based on a copyrighted “sequential order-of-movement”, Teresa approaches the body as a machine, dividing the muscles into layers and systematically fatiguing each layer. Done without weights or body-jarring aerobics, anyone can work out for less than an hour and do it in the privacy of their home or hotel rooms. The movements are designed to give maximum results for minimum effort, while keeping the body in alignment. After a week of Teresa’s Boot Camp, she can guarantee an inch off the hips or waist. Teresa’s movements are very rehabilitative and look simple, but they provide a workout like no other. Just ask any of her past or present clients.”boot camp” is indeed the appropriate description.

Teresa also supplements her exercise routine with her “CRT™ Skin Tightening System”, a proven method developed to help the body rid itself of cellulite and improve body function.

Cellulite is fat, but it doesn’t necessarily tie in with a female’s body weight. A person can be thin and have cellulite. Exercise alone will not eliminate it – not does a fat-free diet. Elimination involves the body’s lymphatic system working efficiently as part of a well-tuned machine.

The CRT™ System assists and enhances the efficiency of the machine that is your body. Instead of skin creams, body wraps or elaborate machines that provide expensive yet temporary results, the CRT™ System works from within the body-and, functioning as a machine, the body eliminates the cellulite and tightens the skin. It is quite simple and very cost-effective. The technique combines supplementation and manual stimulation with a particular body brush in a sequential pattern of movements. It takes less than 10 minutes a day. Cellulite reduction and loss of inches can occur as fast as seven days. Most see dramatic results within 30 days. After several years of perfecting the CRT™ System and achieving consistent, proven results from the industry most demanding of body perfection, Teresa now has it available for everyone, at less than $50 per month.

While Teresa certainly enjoyed her jet-setting life in the fashion industry, nothing gives her greater satisfaction than her success stories of real, everyday women, especially those over 35. Teresa’s proven techniques are unparalleled and cutting edge, yet affordable and applicable for all women at any age. Because she completely understands the female body and its unique nutritional needs, Teresa can customize a program that will work for each and every woman. She enjoys making it simple, with explanations as to how and why our bodies work the way they do as a machine. In that way, we understand each movement, technique or supplement and how it affects the machine.

Now with Videos, DVD’s, CD’s and a Random House/Ballantine Book deal, these secrets can be shared so that all women (not just models) can be the best that they can be and be in balance – body, mind, spirit and soul.

T-Tapp Bio

  • 1979: Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology, Public Health, and Education for grades 9-12 Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL
  • Research Thesis, “Female Metabolic Breakpoints over Age 30”
  • 1978-1979: Initial development of exercise program for cancer patients undergoing chemo/radiation therapy as well as collection of blood type data in relationship to laetrile and intravenous Vitamin C treatment response
  • 1977: Associate of Science, Waubonsee Community College – IL
  • 1980 – 1993: Worked in international fashion industry as new developer/German “booker” (Paris, Milan, Hamburg, New York City, and South Beach Miami)

    • Additional focus: accumulate data/stats regarding how blood type, ethnic heritage and anatomical structure play a role in easier weight loss/management as well as muscle movement. Also gather knowledge from abundant homeopathic and naturopath practices available in Europe not available or equally respected yet in America.
  • 1976 – 1980: Worked as “scout/new face developer” for Eileen Ford “New York”, Irene Marie Agency “Miami” and Eileen Green “Hamburg”
  • 1994: Retired from fashion industry to work again with rehabilitative cases, real women (no more models or celebrities) and write a book
  • 1996: Roy Speer (Home Shopping co-founder) market tested “Real Women/Real Results” with MORE TV – Galleria Test-27 minute TV show
  • 1997: Accepted 18 month speaking tour for Mayor Pharmaceutical Co. to educate public on new patented intra-oral spray delivery for nutritional supplements (previously only used with nitroglycerine spray)
  • 1997 – 2000: Exercise Editor of Hearst Published, “Women’s Fitness International” magazine from Oct 1997 through Dec 31st, 2000
  • 2000: Preliminary Studies done at Cooper Aerobic Institute of the Total Workout
  • 2001-Present: Resigned from Women’s Fitness International to implement new marketing plan with Publicist for mixed media of television, radio, and print.
    • Gather data within medical community through controlled studies on effectiveness of T-Tapp’s cardio-kinetic and lymphatic workout for healthy breast tissue, glucose control, hormonal balance as well as increase of T-Cell production.
  • 2005: Random House/Ballantine Book contract for T-Tapp Book to be released Spring of 2006.
  • 2006: Random House/Ballantine Books published Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp