Anna Nagy

Hi! My name is Anna Szanyi-Nagy. I’m from Szeged, Hungary. I’m a primary school teacher, sport’s trainer and T-Tapp Trainer.

I was introduced to T-Tapp while I was at home with my first child. I was searching for a workout that would fit in my schedule because going to the gym or fitness classes was too time consuming for me. I needed something I could do at home. I found a forum where some people from Hungary were chatting about T-Tapp and sharing experiences. I tried the Basic Workout Plus and it worked! I was shaking, but energized at the end of the workout. I had some results but when I needed some motivation to keep me on track there was no one to cheer me up. People started to quit doing T-Tapp from the Hungarian forum. I know it is hard to understand the moves even if English is your native language, just imagine it was not!

When I was home with my second child I started T-Tapping again. This time I went on the T-Tapp forum and I got tips and tricks and help! I signed up to the 60-Day Challenge too.

In 2012 I was 2nd runner up in the More to Lose category. This time I got so determined that I started thinking about becoming a T-Tapp Trainer myself. If I can’t find motivation, help and can’t get to clinics close by then I’ll be the help for others! Being an English teacher, loving to share what I know and the love of the T-Tapp made me think, why not?

During the mentoring and the years I T-Tapped I gained many things. I’ve learnt to accept myself and there are no boundaries. I’ve learnt a lot about body types, thanks to Teresa. Being a true combo now I know why I was so lucky to show less pounds than I really had. I gain evenly everywhere, but this makes me harder to show results too. Now, I stand tall most of the time and people keep noticing it.

During mentoring I had some adrenal issues, thyroid problems and I even lost my job and it made it really tight for me to finish the mentoring and get my plane tickets to come for final certification. I wasn’t able to walk out to the street because I was so badly out of breath from the walk – even across to the other room. The doctors examined me, but found nothing. They said it was all from stress.

I kept going and did what I could. Sometimes I did only the roll up from PBS or just some T-Tapp style walking. It took me a while but I had to get back my stamina to be able to go the Florida to the certifications. With the help of my mentor, T-Tapp and some supplements I did it! So can you. I’m here to help you!

After all that I have learned, I know that I can be there to support you when you need motivation! I can help support you when you are working through health issues or just pursuing the best version of yourself to feel and look better! Yes you can!

E-mail me for support at