Hi, I’m Annette, a Senior T-Tapp Trainer located in Eastern Iowa (Dyersville). I have a BA in Business, a Personal Trainer Certification with the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) and have recently completed the necessary course hours for Certification in the Clinical Application of Reflexology.

Like many, I initially came to T-Tapp with the interest of reducing an excess weight gain, but soon came to realize T-Tapp to be more comprehensive than merely a method to improve physical appearance in terms of size. T-Tapp rebuilds the body from the inside out, and through its physical therapy approach to fitness, for me, has encompassed a variety of benefits that I simply did not expect from an exercise program.

Through my teens, twenties and the onset of 30, I had been a size 2 to 5 with little to no effort of formal exercise or watching what I ate. Suddenly, and literally seeming overnight, I had a tremendous weight gain and absolutely no way of explaining it. Nothing had changed in terms of lifestyle, or eating habits, so it didn’t make sense. I’d repeatedly heard how weight gain often happens with increasing decades of age, but it seemed like such a general statement, and I never really thought it to be true. However when it happened to me there was no denying this “truth” had set in. Truth it may be, but I refused to accept it as simply a process of aging, and I had to know the reasons behind it, and more importantly I had to find a means to reversal. For the first time in my life, I began formal exercise, but the weight gain did not come off…..and was not stopping either! I read everything I could get my hands on (pre-internet days) analyzing everything, trying to find something that made sense, ANYTHING that would explain what was happening to me. I knew there had to be a solution and as luck would have it, one day in 1998 I stumbled across an issue of Women Fitness Magazine with this peculiar looking exercise called T-Tapp Hoe Downs.

There were several articles within the magazine, but the articles that had my attention where those written by Teresa Tapp, the fitness editor for the magazine at the time. From the first article I read, everything she had written made complete sense, and I knew through her, I had found the solution to my situation and answers to more questions than I had even thought to ask. I didn’t hesitate and immediately picked up the phone to place my order for the Total T-Tapp System.

At the completion of my initial 14 day bootcamp consisting of Instructional Tape 1 & 2 back to back, I reduced over one clothing size (almost 2, but not quite); and became VERY aware of muscles I didn’t even know existed. My posture improved greatly, to the point where I actually felt as if I were taller, and when I walked I could feel every muscle, every joint moving/working in harmony with one another, it was amazing and felt as if my muscles were “waking up” from a deep slumber.

Surprisingly, I also noticed a decrease in some chronic foot pain I long been experiencing. I was hooked, and HAD to know more about it. I kept performing and studying the workout, calling the office and asking questions…and in February of 2001 attended my first T-Tapp clinic in Houston led by Teresa. Though I had spoken with Teresa several times over the phone, upon meeting her in person, I was completely blown away at the depth of her knowledge and her genuine desire to share her knowledge with all in attendance. From that point on, I knew I wanted to become a trainer, thinking, people HAVE to know about this exercise program. T-Tapp is simply too incredible not to share.

Timing is everything and fortunately for me, I found T-Tapp at the time I did. My early to mid thirties ended up consisting of one hormonal roller coaster ride to another (from issues with severe estrogen dominance, insulin resistance, hypothyroid diagnosis, to full blown adrenal burnout) and I can’t imagine having gone on this roller coaster ride w/o having had T-Tapp to help manage the adverse effects.

Aside from reducing clothing sizes, assisting with hormonal balance, and overall feeling GREAT! With continued performance of the T-Tapp workout, and using T-Tapp principles throughout everyday activities, I have 100% reversed:

  • Chronic foot pain from bunions.
  • Chronic toe/shoe friction pain from incorrect posture / foot positioning.
  • Upper back – Neck/Trap tension and pain.
  • Elbow / wrist / shoulder issues from daily repetitive tasks such as keyboarding.
  • Benefits I had never expected from an exercise program.

From the less advanced in age, to the more advanced in age, to those of ages in-between; from the physical fit, to the not so physical fit, whether male or female, YES YOU CAN receive a multitude of health benefits like I have with T-Tapp.

Feel free to contact me for assistance with your T-Tapp