The fitness routine to keep lady golfers in the game!

What if I told you golf fitness doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive?  After all, your goal is to feel terrific before you play, while you play, and after you play.

It’s no secret that golfers actually think that the only exercise needed is the golf game itself. When you understand the movements/muscles needed to create the golf swing, it is truly an amazing process. So, I am not here to turn you into a fitness crazy…. My goal is to give you the exercise tools to keep you in the game.  Actually, I started out simply enjoying golf and never once giving golf-type fitness a second thought.  As I have heard, age can be a great teacher.  As I moved beyond 60 years old, I learned first-hand that fitness is no longer optional if your goal is to stay in the game.

In fact, I am not going to give you a long-winded explanation about why you should give exercise a shot.  What I can tell you, it worked for me, an over-weight mom, not very athletic, who happened to fall in love with golf.   In fact, I call myself the accidental golf fitness instructor.  Once my kids left the nest, I ramped up my golf game, joined some leagues, and loved that 19th hole.

And, it was at the 19th hole I listened as the gals talked about back issues, knee problems, golfers elbow, etc.   Curiously, I didn’t have much to offer during those discussions. Sure, I was tired from running after my ball, but I could honestly say that I didn’t have those nagging knee, back, or shoulder problems they had. And I know why I didn’t share their physical problems.

Just 2 years prior, I found a great ladies fitness program by watching the PBS station in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was an exercise program developed by a woman by the name of Teresa Tapp.  Curiously, the followers call themselves Tappers, (and now I proudly call myself a Tapper too)!  After a little research, and an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars, I ordered something called the Basic Workout Plus and her book “Fit and Fabulous”. It was nothing corny, cutesy, or crazy.  After all, at 62 years young, there is no way this girl is going to be doing a plank or a headstand anytime soon. More importantly, I could do the exercise program in the privacy of my home by following along to a DVD, no membership fee, and no equipment to buy except a pair of sturdy sneakers.  Better yet, I had immediate access to a group of trainers available via the Facebook support page, a very active site. And did I mention there are no monthly join-up fees? Where else can you buy a fitness DVD, get free support forever, and find so many trainers who could help me with my routine. I was hooked.

Me… A Fitness Trainer?

I began my golf passion at 62 years old.  I am a beginner golfer (taking all the golf lessons I could afford) along with doing my Basic Workout Plus routine.  I begin to connect the two activities —   I am learning proper form through my golf lessons and my T-Tapp workout routine.  I am hearing about set-up routine, stance, bend knees, shift weight… many of the same principles for both golf and my T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus routine.  Personally, I was thinking to myself, too bad my golfer friends didn’t use this exercise routine. Fore!!! Then it hit me…. Why not become a certified T-Tapp Trainer and bring these moves to these lady golfers? And as they say, the rest is history.

And here I am today, bringing this proven, rehabilitative and restorative fitness routine to lady golfers. The beauty of it is, you can do these routines whether you are 30 or 90, even those people with additional health concerns.  The goal here is to find a nice little routine to keep you in the game, and this is the best way to do it!

I loved the routine, Basic Workout Plus simply because it was fast (only 15 minutes a day) and it had the moves sequenced to deliver great benefits.  Theresa Tapp did all the heavy-lifting for me!! The Basic Workout Plus delivers exercises that relate directly back to the motion required to swing the golf club….

  • You will learn to independently rotate your upper body from the lower body
  • Gain Mobility in the thoracic spine
  • Increase stabilization of the Lumbar Spine
  • Build your core strength
  • Develop simultaneous left-brain/right-brain cognitive processing for increased coordination

I have put together my business called TeeRifficU, LLC to bring an educational seminar called the “Golf Fitness Sampler” to lady golfers who want to get in shape during the off-season, and stay in shape during the golf season. I highlight 3-4 routines from the Basic Workout Plus which includes highly effective moves that can be done in the clubhouse prior to your golf game.  I also run classes both on and off season to teach the Basic Workout Plus; an additional terrific arm exercise sequence to build that upper body and arm strength; and routines using the golf club to further strengthen the core – because core is king in the golf swing!

My quick brag bio…

I am now 64+ years young and my goal is to age “fit not frail.”  Now living in the Pittsburgh east area with my husband and 3 bichons, we have two adult children who live nearby and are both fitness buffs (also beginner golfers).  I often get the question about my husband playing golf, and the answer is no, he prefers to fly his aerobatic airplane, called the Christen Eagle which he built in 1983. And, yes, I do fly little airplanes (I earned my pilots license back in 1983). I have had a few jobs in my lifetime, the most important are wife and mother.  After that, I was a marketing executive in the high tech industry before it was cool (back in 1983); had my own Marketing & Public Relations business in New Hampshire; was a stay-at-home mom, cub scout leader; daisy leader; school volunteer; and taxi driver to my kids.  Then a 10-year stint as a real estate agent and I officially retired in 2014.  Of course, retirement for me meant I get to do something really different and fun and that’s when I found exercise and golf.

Today I am having fun bringing the benefits of the Basic Workout Plus, along with other cool exercise routines, to my golfer ladies.  Visit my website at www.TeeRifficU.com for lots of great tips and information about my mission to bring fitness to lady golfers!

Contact me at skupien1@comcast.net.