Hi! I am Deb, wife, mother of 3 grown children and grandmother. Although raised in western PA in Bedford County, I currently live around central PA. Perhaps you have heard of Middletown, Harrisburg, Lancaster or Hershey, PA! Being an ACE certified Personal Trainer since 2003, I find satisfaction taking on opportunities such as T-Tapp that coincide with my own fitness philosophy. I agree that it is never too late to get fit….all to enjoy a healthy life, so as to live to make a difference!

I was first introduced to T-Tapp in 2006 through a friend. Not knowing anything about T-Tapp, she shared with me the “Yes You Can” seminar. I was extremely impressed with Teresa Tapp and how everything she said made complete sense to me. Being excited and intrigued, I checked out the web site and ordered the Total Workout. What a unique and highly effective workout! I love the challenge to better my form with each workout and I could see my body changing. The lymphatic pumping, physical therapy approach and rehab aspects of this workout were also appealing to me. At the time T-Tapp suddenly fell into my lap, I was a little frustrated as a personal trainer wanting to assist people with their fitness goals, only to find so many dealing with health concerns. (knees, back, shoulders etc..) Now, when I talk with someone about exercise, I can’t help but tell them about T-Tapp. I feel so blessed to have the workout for them. Thanks Teresa!

Because T-Tapp is different from traditional exercise, I sought the expertise of T-Tapp certified trainers. I attended a clinic, some classes and had one-on-one mentoring while on my way to become a T-Tapp trainer. It has made all the difference in my knowledge of the moves and results.

I have come to realize that our bodies are fully equipped to handle the job of keeping us fit and healthy. It was only a matter of understanding and learning how to use such a well-designed machine.

I truly believe that T-Tapp is the foundation to wellness and all other forms of exercise. Fitness and wellness is a passion of mine and I am here to help you! I can be reached at Debs-PT@comcast.net.