Hi! I am Donna Wilson, a wife, stepmother, grandmother, pulmonary clinical nurse specialist, respiratory therapist and AFAA certified personal trainer.

All my life I have enjoyed exercise. I have also tried for much of that time to change my pear shaped body. Jogging, biking, weight training, aerobics – I’ve done it all. But it was not until my stepdaughter, Susan led me to T-Tapp that I began to see my body morph into the shape I had always worked toward.

Susan had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and was looking for a way to increase her energy level. She stumbled onto an article about T-Tapp and pointed me in that direction. I went to the web site. There I found hope for Susan’s exhaustion and hope for my saddlebags too. I bought the tapes. I liked the idea of not having to buy any special equipment.

The tapes came. We both used them, though inconsistently so. Still, after 4 weeks we each began to see some change. I was impressed. I was even more impressed when I went to a forum in New York City with Teresa Tapp. I realized then how many form tips I missed. I kept at it. But again I was inconsistent.

I began to incorporate Teresa’s methods into the work I do with breast cancer survivors. After doing a few of the T-Tapp arm movements, the women’s flexibility and range of motion improved. Most importantly, they stood up straight, preventing pronated shoulders, a common problem after breast surgery. It was then that I realized I needed to become certified to provide the best fitness wellness program for my clients at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

I came to Sloan Kettering in 1992, after having worked at Massachusetts General Hospital. I have spent my career, 37 years worth, working with patients suffering from airway and lung disorders and cancer. I’ve lectured all over the world and published scientific research.

When I first came to Sloan Kettering I was a pulmonary/thoracic clinical nurse specialist and then gravitated toward Integrative Medicine, an area that draws on my clinical expertise and my lifelong love of fitness.

I am the now the fitness coordinator at the Integrative Medicine Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. I am trying to help people rebuild strength, restore flexibility, and achieve better balance, decrease fatigue and breathlessness in all patients. It is so very rewarding to help someone improve their quality of life through exercise. I have set up exercise programs for all types of patients going through cancer treatments: chair aerobics, strong bones, focus fitness for women after breast cancer, low impact aerobic and personal training. And that is where T-Tapp comes in. It has helped my patients and it has helped me. I am proud to say that since I began using the T-Tapp techniques, I have lost a few inches off my hips, which for me, is amazing and my arms are lean and cut. My arms never looked this good when I was weight training!

So if you want to change your body, feel good, improve your balance or eliminate fatigue after an illness, commit to the T-Tapp Wellness Program.

I provide group classes and private training in New York City.

Email me with questions, I will be happy to help wilson3@mskcc.org!