Hi! My name is Elizabeth Riesberg. I’m 38 year old mother of two kids who are growing much faster than I would like. I am a professional taxi driver for my two kids, and also a full time project manager for an architectural firm. I moved to New Mexico last year and I am enjoying re-establishing my love for high desert living.

I was a competitive figure skater and then downhill skier as a kid so sports and an active lifestyle have always been a part of my life. You may not find me on the ice very often any more but please don’t mess with my skiing! Being a child athlete, I was always able to keep my body in shape. Injuries and college took their toll, sound familiar? I have tried many different exercise programs but none have given me the long lasting and sustainable results that T-Tapp has given me.

I first heard about T-Tapp after my first child was born back in 2004. I did several of the Try Before You Buy videos on Youtube. I liked it but did not pull the trigger for almost 6 years. I had been on the mailing list and caught the Cyber Monday special. I bought the book only. I thought hey… I’m smart enough for this I can do it from the book! T-Tapp isn’t easy it requires concentration to get all of the pieces and parts working together, I tried for a month to work out with the book but realized that I needed something more. I used my Christmas money from my parents to buy the Total Workout set. I was done playing around I was going to lose some of the added weight and more importantly INCHES. I participated in the 60-Day Challenge using mostly the Basic Workout Plus. Busy mom of two, I fit in what I can. I lost inches and started feeling better. To this day I only do ONE Total Workout a week, if that. I took a few classes from Gretchen Probst when she would visit St. Louis. We talked about being a trainer and I decided I would do it. It took me a while to certify and I am eternally grateful to my mentor for her patience.

My consistency comes and goes. See! Even trainers have issues with consistency. Do what you can and know that it’s your best at that moment. I have been known to do a set or two of Hoe Downs in the kitchen while drilling spelling words into a kid or waiting for dinner to finish. I maintain my size comfortably and have gotten MUCH better about ignoring the scale, it’s not my friend and I do much better when I can judge how my skinny jeans are fitting.

I’m excited to bring T-Tapp to New Mexico and teach those who haven’t had access to a trainer due to the distance to workshops and classes. Contact me if you are interested in a workshop in your area and I will see what I can do! Email me with questions, I will be happy to help! riesbergconsulting@msn.com