My name is Gail Fellers and I have lived in California since 1989. My roots are from Minnesota where I finished my schooling, met my husband and birthed our 3 children. I always had an interest in sports, primarily track, which kept me in fairly good shape. After the birth of my first child, my interest in food and nutrition increased and I studied and tried to learn and apply what I would read to our lives. With my interest in nutrition and health, labor and delivery nursing seemed to fit me the best. I liked the idea of healthy nursing; those babies came whether I was there or not. There were many opportunities for encouraging the parents in their journey of parenthood. I always said, “I get to go to work and even get paid for it.” That all began to change when I found myself not sleeping , having been awake since 2 AM and having to take a call from the registry at 5 AM to find out if I was going to be working for the next 12 hours. I finally came to the place of knowing that this work pattern was no longer wise to continue and it was not healthy for me or safe for my patients.

With the birth of my first granddaughter, I considered this event my “graduation” from nursing and knew there was something else that I was going to be doing with my life, but had no idea what. For the next 7 years, I prayed, looked, listened, and tried a number of different areas, testing them out. Some of the areas were; working with seniors, becoming a fitness trainer, wondering if there was some way I could work in a Physical Therapist’s office, or working in a weight loss clinic, to name a few. On December 23, 2013, I saw the PBS special of Teresa’s on healthy hormones. A little thought went through my mind, “Is this what I have been looking for?” I did a couple measurements and the recommended “try it before you buy it”, finding two inches missing from my waist, after two weeks of T-Tapping. My immediate thought was “I must have measured wrong.”

I continued to dabble with T-Tapp during the winter months and watched a number of the testimonials on You Tube, with my interest increasing with the testimonials and waning as I did not watch them. I finally decided that this really fit me and was what I was really looking for in that “next career”. I called the office in April of 2014 asking them if I they thought I could train to certify in August. The reply I got was, “If you work really, really hard, you can do it.” That was all I needed and got started training at 58 years of age. I had NO idea how much work it would be, but even more of a surprise, was how much my body needed to undo and correct.

There was a huge imbalance in my right hip that I had been doctoring for since 2005. It was especially pronounced once we moved to a hillier neighborhood. The pain was excruciating at times. I was able to certify, as I said earlier, but that right sided weakness was still there. After certification, I came home with Core Floor and concentrated on that DVD for six weeks. My hip hurt all 6 weeks, but about the time I started thinking I should consider stopping, the pain shifted to a different area and then started to decrease and by the end of the six weeks, it was gone. The resulting inch and weight loss has been good, but nothing compared to the rehabilitation of my hip and not having to endure the pain.

I consider being introduced to T-Tapp one of my greatest privileges and know I did not end up here by chance. I feel stronger all around today, than when I was in track during my school days. It is what will help me make it to the end without the dreaded results that getting older often brings with it, and I even get to share it with others who want to learn and experience the same. Whew-hoo!!!!

I have classes going on in Orange County, LA County and other areas too. Private classes are always available as well.  Please check out what is available for current classes on the T-Tapp website under EVENTS, or contact me at