Ever heard that you need to be balanced? Someone telling you to eat a balanced diet, stay balanced with work and family responsibilities, balance exercise and rest and let’s not exclude the political admonishment of not being too far one way or the other! Isn’t it easy with a disproportionate amount of demands and tensions for life to look less and less…well symmetrical?

That’s where I was in the summer of 2007. Not the fit, energetic wife and mom of many boys from the piedmont of North Carolina that I use to be. A dear friend sent me a DVD called “Yes You Can with T-Tapp Seminar” and asked me to critique it for her. I was not only impressed by all its information, but realized that I had found a crucial missing link to my fitness programs. Oh, I could lift weights, run, go to aerobics with the best…but at 45 and pre-menopausal the only place I ended up was on the couch!

Now let me get back to my main point of balance and that missing fitness link. A well developed program of static and dynamic balance exercises were missing from my routine. I had never incorporated them into my workouts…ever! I ordered the T-Tapp workout the next day! And this is what I found, functional fitness taught in a technical, yet fun way so anyone of any fitness level could learn and progress. I liked that! This workout fed my desire to “know the why” about exercise, the body, the mind and how they work together to create harmony and as Teresa Tapp says, “a better body”. This is one of the reasons I became a T-Tapp Trainer.

Life has not slowed down, it still wants to run and not walk, pulling us in all kinds of directions…and I can do nothing about that. But I can offer all that I have learned as a T-Tapp Trainer and ACE Certified Personal Trainer to help those who find themselves too far one way or the other in their fitness programs to find that perfect balance. Blessings!