I am Gergana and I am proud to be a T-Tapp Trainer. I am also in ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I live in Bulgaria and I am happy to be the first T-Tapp Trainer here and one among the very few outside of USA.

I was 31 years old when I found T-Tapp. I was unhappy how I looked and felt and I searched for some easy solutions to change this. I have searched on Internet for some activity in which I could do at home and thus, I saw many people talking about T-Tapp. They were sharing amazing success stories which of course I thought could not be true. Little did I know! Now more than 3 years later, I consider T-Tapp on of the best things I could have possibly ever found. It helped me to dramatically change my life. Since I first started T-Tapp I have learnt a lot. In the first place, I not only look better now but I feel way better too. The change for me hasn’t come in a few weeks, it took years, but this has taught me a lot of things. Did I have weeks off? Yes! Did I give up? No! I know how important the foundation is but I also know you have to work to get results. The best thing is that with T-Tapp we can work out smarter and activate deeper than with other routines!

Also, I educated myself about food and nutrition in general, but most importantly I learnt to listen to my body. Now I know a lot more about what foods I really need. As well as what foods I need to exclude from my diet because they do me harm and weaken me. Here I include foods I used to think I’d die without. Am I dieting? No! Do I make smarter choices for myself? Yes! Can I attribute those changes to T-Tapp? Absolutely, yes!!!

However, the most important part here is that I have to do T-Tapp to keep all the other things under control. Now, I also know how important the exercise is, especially when we are not in our 20’s anymore. If I stop doing it for a couple of weeks, my body lets me feel it right away – I have less energy, I feel tired and lazy. Right there come the mood swings again.

What I considered the best part is that more I do T-Tapp, the more I like it! Before T-Tapp I had never been a gym-person, nor did I like exercising in the first place. Fast-forward a couple of years later and you see me at the trainers’ certification. I made a dream come true – I became a T-Tapp Trainer. It is hard for someone like me to completely change her life and it did not happen overnight. It took lots of efforts, some ups and downs along the way, but I never gave up. So you can do too! I think that the change has to start from within, we need to love what we do. Especially, if we know it is good for us. All my life I tried to think positively and I believed that everything comes for a reason.

So, I knew I had found T-Tapp for a reason. Only now I understand the reason for that – at the moment, I am at entirely new place in my life. I have gone through a wonderful transformation, starting with my physical body and changing my mind as well. I am sharing this because I want to show that we can learn to love ourselves and we can learn to love things which are good for us. I am still not interested in going to gym but I do T-Tapp regularly. And I do it because I like it!

If you like to know more about how I did it or you have other questions, please email me at slavcheva@gmail.com. I will be happy to answer! Also, if you live in Europe and you need a trainer just let me know, maybe I am one flight away from you.