JanetMaher-FullLengthFrom: Roswell, Georgia
Certified T-Tapp Trainer in Basic, Total, More

Hello from Roswell, GA!  I am Janet Maher: wife, mother, T-Tapp Trainer and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Most importantly, I am like “every woman.” My recent life experience seems to mirror the everyday health and energy challenges of countless other women. I became a T-Tapp Trainer in August 2008 quite simply because I can’t not share the gift of T-Tapp!

In March 2005, I became concerned about some chest pains. A physician-administered treadmill test and full physical raised questions about high blood sugar, high cholesterol, obesity, joint issues, chronic headaches, chronic infections, fatigue, metabolic and hormonal imbalance, and poor physical performance on the treadmill test – fairly normal results for a 46 year old American woman. The results, in writing, were my wake-up call. Twenty-three years earlier I had acquired an Exercise Science degree, dedicating my professional career to helping others achieve health and fitness? Not only was I in no frame of mind or body to help others, I had to answer a question long overdue – was I ready to help myself?

It took a while to digest the question, and even longer to muster the courage to honestly answer it. Could I reclaim my health at 46? Unsure how to begin the process, I joined a local gym. Low impact aerobics, yoga, swimming, treadmill and elliptical work, along with occasional weight work resulted in a 5-pound loss that first year. Although the workouts were enjoyable, the results were disappointing. Again, the question, “How can I help myself?” After confiding in a good friend with similar issues, we committed to work together researching personal trainers and nutritionists. This final decision led us to the help I had hoped for.

In August of 2006, we found Sr. T-Tapp Trainer and Nutritionist, Renee McLaughlin, right here in my own backyard! Renee’s studio is a mere 10 minutes from my home. How I wish “everywoman” had that same benefit! The honest truth is that, for me, the very first T-Tapp workout with Renee ended in an epiphany that reconnected me to that decades-old feeling of wellbeing (dare I say “youth”). So, I started back on the path toward health – and happily! Little did I know at the time, all of my health issues were being addressed while I worked out. I never had to stop working out due to soreness, stiffness, bronchitis, or knee problems, which had plagued past efforts.

The most joyful benefits were immediate improvement in energy level, mental clarity, and positive mental attitude. Within days, people were commenting on my improved posture and healthy appearance. In mere weeks, inches were shed to the point that I recognized my old arms – and so did others. In eight weeks I’d lost 12 pounds and almost 2 dress sizes! In hindsight, I understand that the T-Tapp workout emphasizes the exercise principles of linear alignment, leveraged isometrics, comprehensive and compound muscle movement, lymphatic flow, and neuro-kinetic stimulation, synergistically rehabilitating the body and creating whole health.

Then life happened… I fell out of the habit of doing T-Tapp. For three months I continued with good nutrition, took my long walks, and got through the holidays, but without the benefit of the T-Tapp workout! The New Year found me seven pounds heavier and in a foul mood. Thank goodness I was welcomed with open arms back at Renee’s studio. This time I recommitted to reclaim my health – and I didn’t stop!!!

Since February 2007, health and wellness have been flowing back into my life to such a degree that they must be shared. Gone are all the size 16 clothes along with all the health issues! What a treat to wear a size 6 as I turn 50 years young. How grateful am I to wake up with a giggle, feeling refreshed, energetic, and enthusiastic about the day. A healthy, happy wife and mother is returned to her family. Now I know that it is perfectly natural to intend whole health for myself.

T-Tapp restored my health. Gratitude demanded that I find a way to extend that same blessing to community. Teresa Tapp has been teaching us to mindfully move our bodies in a way which realigns, recharges, and rehabilitates the whole self – body, mind, and spirit. Come learn with us. “Every woman” has everything to gain by helping the body help itself with T-Tapp.

At your service in Roswell, GA, contact me by email anytime at: janetbewell@gmail.com