jean-kaft-fulllengthFrom: Maple Lake, Minnesota
Certified T-Tapp Trainer in Basic & Total

Hi, my name is Jean Kraft. Certified T-Tapp Trainer. The story of my fitness history is at best on again, off again.

I was blessed with a fair metabolism and only until I was uncomfortable in tight clothes with the imminent purchase of yet another larger size, would I pay attention. In high school I played on the tennis team and with the fun and competition of the game, didn’t realize I’d become more fit. Then, in college, studied “modern dance” as a drama student and reached the best shape I’d ever experienced. Since I’d never been trained as a youngster to include physical activity in my day to day life these periods faded quickly and I went on to get married and start my family.

After two large babies, my hips and abs were in a new category, and while raising them and cooking to please my family the American way, I was blissfully blind to the fact that what I was eating was not helping things in the least. Avoiding the gym on days my neck or back was complaining, or if my knees were being cranky. I had sustained a neck injury as a small child, and with some scoliosis in my mid-lumbar and slightly shorter left leg I was a life-long Chiropractic project. Enter the sedentary office jobs and the life in the chair, and there began the yo-yo of 4-6 sizes, 20-30 lbs on again, off again cycle. I would face the fact, and get busy with whatever popular workout tape was hot, and as soon as I was comfortable again, would shelve it. I would join a gym or club but never found the standard workouts really engaging, and hated that even though the people on the screen were smiling, I wasn’t having any fun or getting enthused or excited.

So why T-Tapp?

I was worried I would never be pain free in my life if I couldn’t overcome my neck, back and knee problems. All the other workouts and even physical therapy exercises I had been doing were not advancing me into a real level of health. That is when I searched the Internet and found the T-Tapp website. Being pain free is a place of peace, and so priceless one cannot put a dollar amount on it or spin the luckiest lottery to achieve it. So I took a second look at the results and testimonies and decided to invest in myself for real results. My own amazing journey began with jaw-setting determination to keep this promise to myself, and my first reward was 24 inches lost in the 30 Day Inch-Loss Challenge!

By the time I came home from the free trip to work out with Teresa as a Grand Prize winner (with my daughter winning as well), I had lost 42 inches overall! Smarter eating including more natural foods less processed foods was the only other adjustment. No pain from the neck, back or knees anymore, and better posture for sure! It’s been a progressive and positive evolution in my body since I began doing the workouts consistently! Now that’s exciting!

The most wonderful thing about T-Tapp is, with the techniques and specific sequences these workouts employ, anyone… ANYONE who strives to do their best and stays consistent will have RESULTS! I encourage you to take a look in the full length mirror and imagine yourself trim, fit and toned.

Just contact me via and we can share this journey together.