Doctorate in Chiropractic

  • Activator certified
  • Applied Kinesiology Certified

Bachelor in Human Physiology

I am thrilled to be part of the T Tapp team.  My job as a chiropractor can be hard on my own back.  I started doing Teresa’s 15-minute workout for my own rehab and now use it for my patients. I love the variety of workouts designed for all fitness levels. The knowledge I have gained from Teresa has helped me be a better chiropractor by providing more comprehensive rehab exercises than what I was taught in school.

I am also a long distance runner. I was pleasantly surprised to see my run times are getting faster. My recovery time from long distance runs is better as well. The more I do the various T-Tapp workouts the stronger my body is becoming. I love sharing T-Tapp with other people. It is truly a remarkable workout.

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