jenniferhaberFrom: Riverbank, CA
Teaches: Basic, Total, More, Hit the Floor, Ladybug

Greetings! My name is Jennifer Haber, I am 55 years old.

Upon reviewing my career path, which has included retail sales and administrative jobs, I decided to make a change. A big change! Past jobs have required me to sit in front of a computer all day and I began realizing the older I became the more difficult sitting all day became.

Before T-Tapp, I would work out mornings in hopes of offsetting the sitting and the menopausal mid-section spread. I made very little progress with that battle. I did a myriad of exercise programs including lots of gym time with mediocre results and the bulking-up of my short torso body. I felt I would forever be stuck at a size 14/16. As well working out, required a four a.m. wake-up call.

I learned about T-Tapp from a news web page offering the names of the top ten exercise videos. When I saw the name T-Tapp listed as a top ten workout, I was intrigued. It was such an unusual name for a workout and I had never heard of it. So, I clicked the link to T-Tapp’s website to take a look. I was impressed by what I read and decided to purchase the Total Workout DVD.

I also have back issues. When I was diagnosed with a Lumbar Facet Cyst the doctor was amazed I could still work out! He was ready to do surgery. However, I told him about how with the T-Tapp workout, as long as I keep up with the workouts, I am pain free. Plus, now that I am T-Tapping, I can –sleep an extra hour, no travel and no gym membership required, a definite added benefit!