JenniferKleverFullLength_000From: Oak Grove, MN
Teaches: Master Trainer

T-Tapp can quickly change the way you look but more importantly, it will change the way you feel: inside and out! Your mind, body and spirit can be revitalized in astonishing ways if you think you can. It is my passion to not only show you how YOU can, but help you meet your goals and empower you to be all you can be. Mind, Body and Spirit Revitalized! If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

My name is Jen, or “Eagle Eyes Jen” as some called me at the 2010 T-Tapp Retreat. As a homeschooling mom to five fantastic kids, professional Wellness Specialist and Coach and T-Tapp Trainer, I understand being busy! I love to show others how to sneak fitness and wellness into your day so you have more time and energy to live well! But it wasn’t always that way…

My T-Tapp journey began in 1999 when I struggled with my own weight issues. I’d just given birth to my 3rd child and was at an all time high weight and my previous muscular danceline body was fading fast! T-Tapp provided immediate results and it was so shocking that I had to call the T-Tapp office to see if it was even possible. Indeed it was and I was a true believer! However, more pregnancies with bed rest came and I let everything else in my life become a priority except time for me. It wasn’t until I saw my reflection in a large window and didn’t even recognize myself! I made the decision then and there to take time for myself. I returned to T-Tapp and haven’t looked back since!

I now comprehend what an incredible, unique and life-changing wellness workout T-Tapp truly is! T-Tapp has helped me lose an incredible amount of inches and also rehabbed my neck and shoulders, hips, ankle and sciatica injury. My once horrific cycle pains are now under control and my thyroid levels are now in the normal range all without medication thanks to T-Tapp!

Actually, my T-Tapp journey also led me to a whole new career and discovered passion. I gained a great deal of knowledge from years in the nutrition industry but T-Tapp was really the path. T-Tapp mentoring, training and three years of attending the annual T-Tapp Retreat have prepared me well, along with the incredible T-Tapp forums. Be sure to check out the free forums that Teresa provides for us. They are the absolute best and a fantastic tool that not only provide tons of information but support, encouragement, help and life-long friendships. The forums led me to become a family herbalist and I’m looking forward to beginning my doctor of naturopath education to bring more health and wellness to you!

It so gratifying to be able to pay it forward by helping educate, teach and empowering you on your own journey to improved health and wellness. I’ve used my natural teaching gift and coached three winners in the 2009 T-Tapp 60-day Challenge, a winner in the 2010 January Jump Start Challenge and three more winners in the 2010 60-day Challenge. It thrills me to share with you how I helped them and how I was a 2008 T-Tapp Challenge Winner, 2009 Grand Prize Winner and 2010 Trainer Category Winner. My goal as your T-Tapp Trainer is empowering and showing you how you too can be all you can be and achieve your goals!

If I can do it, SO CAN YOU! Let me show you how! Email me at to set up private training or a group T-Tapp workshop in your town!