JenniferTomlinson1From: Lakeland, FL
Teaches: Master Trainer

I found T-Tapp in Women’s Fitness International magazine in 1998. I entered to win a free phone consult with Teresa and won! It was amazing speaking with her, I learned a lot and ended up buying the Total Workout. My husband, boyfriend at the time, couldn’t believe the results just in two weeks, especially the inch loss in my hips/butt. I even got to the Retreat that year, too cool!

Time passed and I only did T-Tapp here and there. After breaking my neck (February 2008) in three places, it was dislocated, crushed a disk and concussion (don’t remember four days) big changes came. As soon as I got out of the hospital I was doing Hoe Downs and some of Balance holding onto the wall, then moved onto arm movements about a month later to get my range of motion back. It worked way better than working with bands with the physical therapist.

I called Lauren in July 2009 and told her I wanted to become a trainer. I had told her this before, but life, having a baby girl and my horse riding stopped me. Well, this time I went forward, worked with my mentor, Esther, and was ready for 2009 Certs. The week before Certs I started having pains I was 5 ½ weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage months before. After and ultrasound, the doctor thought I shouldn’t raise my heart rate past 130 especially since it looked like I might have a tear in my placenta. I couldn’t go to Certs! I continued T-Tapp, mostly MORE at the beginning of my pregnancy then went on with Basic Workout Plus here and there. I stayed in shape and good health, had a C-section May 15, 2010 and had a healthy, strong baby boy. T-Tapp of course helped get me back into shape, only working out about 3x a week, which wasn’t always easy with a new born and seven year old.  I made it to 2010 Certs with my son along and husband to help out. Yes, I am finally certified!