JillBrightbillFrom: Harrisburg, PA
Teaches: Basic, Total, Hit the Floor

Hello! My name is Jill Brightbill. I am a 62-year-old wife, mother and grandmother and live in Harrisburg, PA.

I am retired from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and am a certified T-Tapp trainer and IFPA certified personal trainer. You can find me on the forums as “jillmar.”

My T-Tapp journey kicked off in 2001. I found T-Tapp through another forum. I thought this workout sounded too good to be true! But it really intrigued me because it was different from any other workout I had done. With my athletic and dancing background, I thought it would be too easy for me. Boy, was I wrong! My muscles became so sore after just one workout…and I easily learned that T-Tapp truly was different. When I saw the power and effects of this workout, it didn’t take long to convince me I wanted to become a T-Tapp trainer.

But like a lot of people, I was a little lackadaisical in getting started…and two surgeries slowed me down in 2003 (knee surgery in the summer and a complete hysterectomy in the fall). Talk about being lax! I always had a pretty flat stomach …even after a partial hysterectomy and childbirth. About eight months after the hysterectomy, I started carrying extra “padding” around my waist –something I never had before! Each season, I was traipsing to the store to buy bigger pants. I went from a size 4 to size 8/10 in just a year and my exercise and eating habits did not change.

Finally, I had had enough! I got serious and started Tapping regularly. My arms have always been thin and I now have long lean muscles in my arms which I could never achieve with lifting weights at the gym. My knees do not hurt anymore and I have been able to lose the “padding” from my waistline. My hot flashes are controlled and I continue to reap all the health benefits of T-Tapp. I am maintaining now by doing only 2-3 workouts each week. I’m now wearing a size 6 but can also fit into some size 4’s.

Another challenge came in May, 2005 when I broke my ankle. I had a cast (bright pink, I might add) up to my knee. I was devastated because I could not do a full workout. However, I chose to be undaunted and poured myself into Teresa’s floor work. I lost over 9” while wearing my cast!

T-Tapp has introduced many positive attributes to my life: more energy, better health, good posture, a flat stomach, a great mental attitude, improved sleep, increased strength and stronger muscles. I do not need to use my inhaler anymore for asthma! I have also been lucky enough to attend several fitness retreats, many of which were graced by Teresa’s presence. My form greatly improved after learning the important tips at these wonderful events. I’m really grateful for the improvements I’ve seen and have become a T-Tapp “evangelist” to those who want to increase their personal fitness and overall health.

In 2006 I finally pursued my dreams and am proud to say I’m a T-Tapp trainer! It is such an honor to be able to pass on the health and psychological benefits T-Tapp brings to all of us. I have learned that even setbacks can be overcome with T-Tapp. Thank you, Teresa, for a wonderful program! I am forever indebted to you.

If you have any questions, or are interested in one-on-one or group training, I can always be reached at angels4jill@gmail.com.