tapp2014-8-1055835-kimberli-villarreal-headshotFrom: San Antonio, TX
Teaches: Basic, Total

Hi! My name is Kimberly. I’m a Certified T-Tapp Trainer, and an ACE certified personal trainer. I’m also a licensed massage therapist, a Labor and PostPartum Doula, and a Reiki Master Healer. I’m located in San Antonio, Tx, and currently own my own business, Celestial Bodies, PLLC.

Growing up, I always noticed the sizes of women around me. Almost preoccupied with it. I was larger than my sisters. In fact, I was larger than a lot of the girls in the grade I was in. By the fifth grade, I remember hearing the boys around me commenting on my larger than normal buttocks, and would hear people snickering as I passed by them in the hallway. I slowly grew into an unsure adult, unsure about my body, unsure if others accepted me, and unsure of who I wanted to be when I grew up.

Tragically, within a couple years, I was involved in some accidents, at work, on the road, and elsewhere. Over time, I had accumulated 5 head injuries, and had to relearn how to read, write, add, talk, and walk again. Twice. I had plenty of doctors, and everyone knew what was wrong with me, and decided to help me manage my head injury issues, with medications, and medication side effects with more medication. I was on 22 medications daily, and ended up gaining a massive amount of weight. One hundred pounds in three months. My body felt as if it had exploded inside of itself. There was no where for the extra weight to go, so my skin stretched to its max.

I had lots of excess skin, stretchmarks, and I was exhausted. I had dieted my thyroid out of function, and was once again overweight. I would see people around me who ate so much worse than I did, but envied they could be so much smaller than me.

What if body composition had more to it than food? I felt movement, or exercise, must matter, so I started researching exercise programs. I found a couple beach body programs, and was dabbling a bit in yoga. My husband begged me to not do any of the Beach Body systems. He knew I was adrenally fatigued, and asked me to keep researching. I found T-Tapp through a holistic wellness forum. I was searching for a fitness program that could help me tighten and tone, but not drain me dry of my energy, and would not leave me with injuries. After googling T-Tapp, I couldn’t find much in the way of negative comments. I found Charlotte Siems’ testimony, and watched her YouTube clip repeatedly. Her positive words started to build inside me. What if I could be my own success story?

I entered the 60 Day Challenge in 2012. I was horrified by having to take before and after photos, but managed to get through it. I wanted to quit halfway, but I stuck with it. I made a commitment to myself, and wanted to follow through with it, not just quit, like I had before.

As I T-Tapped, and looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed my arms didn’t do what I thought they were doing. One wrist was higher, the other arm more bent. In my head I thought they were both even. My head injuries had broken much of the neuro-connection Teresa talks about so much. I decided to continue to Tapp, and watched as slowly, I grew stronger, lost inches, and both sides were much more equal. I was gaining more body awareness than I had in rehab, and losing clothing sizes was a plus! I actually placed as a category winner in the Average to Lose + Health benefits category. I also placed as a category runner up in 2013.

Life has happened since then, with many losses. T-Tapping regularly has not always been a consistent road, but I love accessing the forum, or the trainer’s pages on Facebook for inspiration. The summer of 2013 I had experienced my fifth miscarriage, and felt like nothing could be the same. I had already invested in my mentorship as a trainer, and wanted to quit, curl up in a hole, and never come out. My mentor said it was up to me.

I decided to take things one moment at a time. I took time off my regular job. I focused on my grief, and paid extra close attention to the body aches I was experiencing in my body. I had to go through the all the discomforts of postpartum experiences, lactation, hormonal shifts, and losing my baby all at the same time.

In my energy training, I have learned that you need to move the body sometimes in different positions to help used energy exit the body. T-Tapp helped me do that. Every position in the T-Tapp Workouts opens all chakras, lymph vessels, and allows stagnant energy to be eliminated. It also strengthens the pelvic floor, and all the muscles in your spine, hips, and neck. Healing has come fast for me, and am confident again in what all my body can do.

Over the last couple of years, I have observed the great depth of healing T-Tapp has done for me, from the inside out. I am more committed to T-Tapp than I have ever been, and know that it works if you work it. T-Tapp for me is what I never knew I always wanted.
There are so many resources available, from trainers, to the forums, the Facebook groups and pages, to the supplements. Everyone has their own reason for finding T-Tapp, and I do believe that T-Tapp can help you.

I am honored to help you along your T-Tapp journey, and happy to assist you in any way I can, whether it be providing a personalized workout schedule, T-Tapp tweaks, or having you participate in my classes. Let me help inspire you to meet your goals! I can set up personal training, event classes, or small groups outside of San Antonio as well. Please email me at nourishingmomma@gmail.com for more information!