kionaFrom: Laurel, MD
Teaches: Master Trainer

My certifications in addition to T-Tapp:

  • Certified Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer – International Fitness Professionals Association Registration # 35954
  • Professional Engineer – MD Registration # 29898
  • Other Fitness/Sports Related Activities – Olympic Training Program in Alpine Skiing, amateur bodybuilding, and currently a competitive swing and hustle dancer.

I have also participated in the Olympic Training Program in Alpine Skiing, amateur bodybuilding, and am currently a competitive swing and hustle dancer.

As a professionally licensed engineer I have always lived a large part of my life driving for perfection to compete as a woman in a male-dominated field. This drive would show up in my private life when, I would stare into a mirror agonizing for hours over the bulges on my body, my stomach wasn’t flat, my saddlebags were disgusting and I felt like a COW! When I started my first structured fitness program of diet and exercise I took the analytical engineering approach, working out 2-3 hours a day and restricting everything I ate to high protein, no fat, no carbs and even less taste. I would allow myself one cheat day per 10-days during which I would binge on restricted foods and then take harsh laxatives, fiber supplements or do extra workouts to pay penance. I dropped to such a low weight that I couldn’t even maintain a female cycle. I was so skinny friends started to worry and whisper, but I was binging on those off days and gaining as much as 9-lbs in a single day. Eventually those days became more frequent and the binge eating disorder overtook the anorexia/bulimia. I ballooned up 7 or 8 sizes, and couldn’t lose it because my metabolism was destroyed nothing worked. Until I found T-Tapp. I started losing weight consistently, steadily and evenly. I have gained more strength and tone than when I was obsessed. While I still analyze how to get the most of my T-Tapp workouts, my workout schedule and eating aren’t perfect and I get BETTER results! I was amazed recently to have a FOUR PACK one morning after a day of clinics. I never could have DREAMED that I could have washboard abs, KEEP my feminine figure AND never count a calorie… but I have more than the body I ever dreamed possible with JUST the workout. That joy and confidence are gifts I want to share everyone!

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