lannette2From: Twin Mountain, NH
Teaches: Basic, Total, More, Hit the Floor, Ladybug

I’m 47 years young, a Cardiac Rehabilitation RN, an ACE certified Clinical Exercise Specialist and pride myself on living a healthy and active lifestyle that my home state, New Hampshire affords.

As a former dancer who once owned her own studio, I am no stranger to fitness. I love outdoor activities and have been an exercise aficionado for the last 16 years. I discovered T-Tapp when I encountered hip pain while training for my first marathon. T-Tapp rebalanced my hip that time and again before my next two marathons but I admit that I didn’t take it seriously until I experienced health benefits.

I had two lumps (one under each armpit) disappear. Present for 15 years, they were each the size of an unshelled almond. If I got sloppy about Tapping or skin brushing they would re-emerge but would again disappear once I’d get serious again. This sold me on the idea of increased lymphatic drainage.

I started to look more closely at Teresa’s concepts and study related subject matter. I would do a workout and then run and pull out my exercise physiology texts in an effort to understand the moves and why they worked. I believe I studied more in 6-months of T-Tapping than I did during the year and a half it took to prepare for my CES certification exam! I began to really understand T-Tapp for the first time and I realized how much my patients could benefit from the power of T-Tapp. That’s when I decided that I wanted to be a T-Tapp trainer.

T-Tapp allowed me to reshape my body, carving away bulk that an “if it doesn’t half kill you it isn’t exercise” mentality created. I no longer worry about gaining weight or getting enough workout hours into the week because it simply isn’t necessary. I still enjoy outdoor activities. T-Tapp is an excellent strengthening and balancing tool for any activity! It builds a new you from the inside out and lets you enjoy life and chocolate muffins (my favorite) without guilt!

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