Linda-OsmondFrom: Mahomet, IL
Teaches: Master Trainer

I am a person who thrives on continued learning, as well as educating others. It will be a lifetime pursuit of mine. My husband and I also have five children who we homeschool (and they are gradually leaving the nest). Similar to Teresa Tapp’s personal experience and saying that “pain is your best teacher,” my story confirms that necessity and curiosity were some of my best motivators for learning and change. My T-Tapp journey began in 2010 when my health was taking a serious downturn. Let me say that I have been in avid pursuit of health and fitness since my late teenage years. And, looking back, I realize now that I often “lived to exercise.” That has changed since my introduction to T-Tapp, partially due to greater education and partially due to necessity.

When I hit my late forties, being a thyroid patient, and one who suffers from adrenal fatigue and other hormonal imbalances, my health was not allowing me to maintain the fitness regime that I was used to. It was leaving me stressed, fatigued, and overweight. In fact, my weight was continually increasing. Yes, with so many hours of working out strenuously, I was still at least 45 pounds overweigt…all while eating in a healthy way; I have always been an avid fan of good nutrition. I was at a crucial decision point, and I knew that something had to change, but I didn’t know what to do. I was very discouraged and depressed.

Almost convinced that I would never be able to exercise again (since what I knew best was traditional weight training and aerobics), I stumbled upon T-Tapp, as many thyroid patients do. It renewed my hope and my strength, literally. I had finally found a holistic fitness program that would allow me to “exercise to live,” not “live to exercise.” And it produced amazing results and promoted greater health!

I no longer spend hours and days at the gym or even working out at home. But I have been able to lose my excess weight and inches and to maintain a healthy shape with a very reasonable, almost unbelievably small, time commitment. I love that T-Tapp is also known as functional fitness. I can incorporate the practices into my daily routines, like standing, walking, gardening, working on the computer, or just about anything else that I am doing. I am especially conscious of my alignment and muscle activation since becoming a T-Tapp Trainer in 2012. The knowledge imparted was invaluable.

I began my T-Tapp journey on a quest for greater health, and I have seen many remarkable health improvements. But the amazing inch lost (over 75 inches in less than 2 years) was not expected. I am very thankful for the winning combination that Teresa incorporates into her system. If it was not designed to be a holistic program, I would probably not be inclined to commit to it for the rest of my life. But with the body alignment, lymphatic pumping, hormonal balance, increased muscle and bone density, and brain-body connections that are skillfully woven into the workouts, I really can’t go wrong.

As I said, I will continually be learning and teaching others what I learn, both in fitness and nutrition, alternative health treatments, and all-things health related. I would love the opportunity to share more with you and to help you with a personalized plan for your continued health journey. Remember, we’re all in this together; you are NOT alone! There is always someone here to help YOU.

To contact me, please email Many blessings!