From: Creston, NC
Teaches: Basic, Total

Hi! My name is Margaret Barry. I am a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Certified Fitness Trainer with the ISSA, and a Certified T-Tapp Trainer.

I have always been a very active person who just loves to MOVE. I swam competitively for nine years as a pre-teen/teenager and then moved into running 5k’s, Triathlons, and a particularly grueling 5 mile uphill race that locals call “The Bear.”

So basically, what I’m saying is: I’ve done it ALL. You name it, I’ve done it- weights, yoga, HIIT, running, pilates, Crossfit, PiYo, etc. My body tends to build muscle very quickly, and since I was doing so much exercise, I gained a lot of muscle. It wasn’t the lean, long, shapely muscles- I got bulky, thick muscles, which was not what I was going for! Being a combo bordering on short torso, I always had issues with my waist (or rather, the lack thereof.) I was frustrated with my lack of progress. I was wearing myself out from one intense workout after another, and my muscles were sore ALL the time. I didn’t feel good in my own skin. Why did these things that worked to help slim, trim and define others not work for me?

That’s when T-Tapp came into my life and I went from working out every day for over an hour, to doing a 15 minute T-Tapp workout 3-4 times per week instead. I remember noticing things changing even after just one week of doing nothing but Basic Plus. I was astounded! My muscle soreness and fatigue was gone! My shorts fit better! My back started to show muscle development, and- what was that peeking out from my arm? A little bicep muscle??

I hadn’t been obsessive. I hadn’t touched a weight, gone for a run, or used one of those finicky resistance bands that I’d accumulated over the years. I was definitely intrigued, but after I read the book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, I became convinced. As a science-minded person, I love to know the “Why” behind things, and that book answered all my questions. It didn’t take long for me to take the leap and switch over to T-Tapp as my sole exercise regimen and the results couldn’t be more astounding! I feel good in my own skin, have even more energy for life, over 20 inches gone for good, no more obsessive exercise, and I have the muscle definition I never dreamed I could achieve- with no weights! T-Tapp is rehabilitative on so many levels, both physical and mental- it played an instrumental role in healing my relationship with my body.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I seek to help others achieve optimal health through nourishing foods and personalized supplementation. I teach T-Tapp because it is too good of a thing to keep to myself- and I simply can’t keep it a secret! It is truly a wellness workout that works, regardless of age and fitness level. It is the perfect fit for my busy clients and friends who are frustrated just like I was with the modern fitness industry. No equipment, no gym membership and you can do it virtually anywhere! It’s also perfect for those with multiple health issues that might impede them from regular exercise.

We make time for what we value most in life. Why not invest time and energy into rebuilding yourself into the best, most vibrant version of you, so that in turn, you can use the talents and gifts you have been given to make the world a better place. It is my passion to see others living at their full potential. When you take time to take care of yourself, you can pour out more for others. You can’t pour anything from an empty vessel! Your family, friends, the world- they all need you, and when you are at your best, you can pour into those around you and give 100% every day- no regrets!

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