I have been a T-Tapper since 2003, and a Licensed Massage Therapist in Arizona for over twenty years. I also practice meditation and yoga. I am very excited to be able to share T-Tapp with others, now that I  am a trainer.

I love that T-Tapp is so adaptable you can do it in a chair, and that activation techniques can be done while sitting at a desk, or even on long drives. I can frequently be found doing “Sneaky Fit” moves in the grocery store line on a regular basis, although no one knows that I am T-Tapping!

In my massage therapy practice, I often tell my clients that the most important benefit is the deep relaxation, which allows the body’s own intelligence to create a healing state. T-Tapp is even more profound, where you put your body in the most optimal alignment, and use movement to allow for less inflammation, improved elimination, increased strength, and hormone balance. All of these create a push toward less pain, and improved quality of life.

Please contact me at marina@tappybrain.com. Let’s move together!