Melissa-Sims-Tapp-10-7-2012-34030From: Dallas, TX
Teaches: Master Trainer

I have always been curvy and have always fought a little extra weight, but I have never been athletic. I discovered aerobics in high school and was able to slim down and keep the weight off through college, but I let that activity go once I got married and started a family. The weight really began to add up after 5 babies.

I heard about T-Tapp on a forum for large families – the moms were talking about an exercise program that was gentle, didn’t take too long (as we were mostly homeschool mommies), could be done at home, and was effective in trimming up the belly after having had lots of children.

I ordered a Basic Workout Plus DVD, and could tell quickly that this was the program that I had been looking for. I lost a size pretty fast, and then hit a plateau. Once I started reading Teresa’s book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes paperback and studying my form, I really began losing inches. I lose slowly, but I am pleased that I maintain my progress even while eating what I want. I have lost 4 full sizes so far – in fact, I am smaller now than I was when this picture was taken at certifications!

I love teaching T-Tapp and have found a passion in helping women find ways to weave T-Tapp into their lives. If I can help you, please contact me!

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