michelleFrom: Pittsburgh, PA
Teaches: Master Trainer

Hi, my name is Michelle Barbuto. I am a 51-year-old single mother of 6 wonderful children. I am Western PA’s Certified Master T-Tapp Trainer, Mommy Fitness Trainer, Trainer Mentor and am also a RN specializing in Rehab nursing.

My journey with T-Tapp began in June of 2001 when I was pregnant with my 6th child and suffering incredible back pain. Someone on another forum suggested that I try T-Tapp to reduce my back pain, so I did, and to my surprise my back pain disappeared! Even though it was the last trimester of my pregnancy, under the guidance of a T-Tapp trainer, I was pleasantly surprised to also lose inches in my hips and thighs. I was able to return to my pre-pregnancy size very quickly after having my son. But like so many before me, life seemed to get in the way and I quit exercising.

In September of 2003 I was frustrated with how I felt and looked and decided to put *me* first. With help and encouragement from many wonderful women on the T-Tapp forum I took it one day at a time and made exercise a permanent part of my life. I was able to go from a 12/14 to an 8/10 very quickly just by doing T-Tapp alone. I became more aware of my poor health habits and began eating better. I used all of Teresa’s resources on hand to understand body acidity/alkalinity and hormonal imbalance. Teresa and her office staff were available to answer all of the questions that I had.
I now feel stronger and have more energy then I have had since high school. I am able to play with my children and keep up with all of them. Before I started T-Tapp, my energy level was so low. So I thank Teresa for giving me the tools necessary to get my passion for life back.

As a Master T-Tapp Trainer and a health and wellness RN, I am committed to encouraging, motivating, and training others to be their best by becoming as strong and healthy as they can be. The body is an amazing machine and with the T-Tapp Wellness Workout you can help your body be the best it can be. After all you ARE worth it, so Commit to be Fit!

If you have questions or need personal or group training I can be reached at monica21366@gmail.com.